Word of the Week: Fullness

“Life is short, and we only live once. So how to live life to the fullest and actually live the life you want?, asked communications expert and life coach Anna Chui, “Here are 9 ways you can try,” she suggested.

  • Decide What’s Important To You…
  • Take More Risks..
  • Show Your Love to People You Care About…
  • Live in the Present….
  • Ignore the Haters…
  • Don’t Compromise Your Values. …
  • Be Kind to Others…
  • Keep Your Mind Open…
  • Take action for what matters to you…

These are pretty good. In fact, each one has some Biblical basis to it. But something is missing.

And that “something” is someone named Jesus.

In John 10:10 Jesus promised, “I came to give life — life in all its fullness.”

We often speak of someone having lived a “full life.” What does that mean?

Often it speaks of the number of years one has life. Like someone who’s lived into their 90’s. A full life might be defined in some circles by wealth. Fame. Popularity. Power. Position. Business success. Extensive travel. Or enjoyable experiences.

The word “fullness” Jesus uses to speak of abundance. Spiritual abundance. And abundance that comes from our relationship with God.

Paul put it this way, “Christ’s love is greater than anyone can ever know, but I pray that you will be able to know that love. Then you can be filled with the fullness of God” (Eph. 3:20).

The word for “fullness” often translated “abundance,” or “abounding,” Thayer says means “exceeding some number or measure or rank or need…over and above, more than is necessary…superior, extraordinary, surpassing, uncommon.”
The Bible reveals that in Christ there is a fullness that transcends physical and material considerations. Christians enjoy…

…a fullness of spiritual blessings in Christ (Eph. 1:3).

…a fullness of joy (I Jn. 1:4).

…a fullness of faith (2 Cor. 8:7).

…a fullness of goodness (Rom. 15:14).

..a fullness of God’s grace (2 Cor. 9:8)

…a fullness of God’s mercy (1 Pet 1:3).

…a fullness of God’s love (Eph. 2:4).

…a fullness of fellowship with other believers (I Jn. 1:3-7).

To that last point, there is a fullness found in our relationships. Family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors all provide an aspect of relational satisfaction and fulfillment. However, the mutual commonality that we experience with brothers and sisters in Christ offers a unique fullness that can be found nowhere else.

The fullness of life extends beyond “the life that now is” sees through the eye of faith Jesus’ promise of “the life which is to come” (1 Tim. 4:8). Life in all its fullness doesn’t allow the problems and pressures of life’s daily grind to diminish one’s joy or extinguish the eternal hope of a heavenly home. Earth life is not the end for the Believer. It’s only the preface to a better, fuller, and richer life.

I’m reminded of a doctor who examined a patient and asked, “Have you been living a normal life?”

“Yes, Doc,” admitted the patient.

“Well, you’ll have to cut it out for awhile,” the doctor replied.

Normal, as defined by the world’s standards, is not the best way to live. Nor does it provide ultimate satisfaction, fulfillment or fullness.

William James once said, “The best use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.” This occurs when our lives are spiritually focused. Biblically directed. And filled with all the fullness of God.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman



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