Weekly Recap: June 21-26

Good morning from Montana.

Yes, we’re still here.  And possibly will stay another two weeks.  We’ll know for sure in a couple days.

Tomorrow, I’ve been invited to preach for the church in Polson, MT.   About 65 miles from here.  We’re looking forward to meeting these brethren and sharing the Word with them

Attached are the posts from this past week. If you missed one, it gives you an easy way to catch up.  Also it provides an opportunity to share ThePreachersWord with a friend or brother.  Also included are two bonus posts on how to disagree with brethren.  And one on racism.

Hope all our friends and brethren are doing well.  Stay safe.

God bless,

Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

Sunday Seed Thoughts:  Happy Father’s Day



Word of the Week: Peacemaker



Your Faith




A Passage To Ponder; 2Thessalonians 1:7-9




Jumping To Conclusions





The Danger of Generalizing





Here’s a bonus post that might help us before we speak, write, fire off a tweet or post something inflammatory on facebook

5 Guidelines for Disagreeing with Fellow Christians.




Also, I’m adding a 5 year old post on Racism with material from Doy Moyer, a former Florida College professor, gospel preacher and blogger



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