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Weekly Recap: May 3-9

For those of you who may have missed one of our posts this past week, here are  the quick links with a synopsis to get you caught up.

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Sunday Seed Thoughts:  Be Still

Being still is difficult. We like to be busy. On the go. Tackling projects. Making progress. And doing what we want to do.  How do we learn to apply the Biblical admonition to “be still”?


Word of the Week:  Reasonable

Are you willing to calmly and respectfully listen to reason from someone whose views are different from yours?   Would someone who knows you well describe you as a reasonable person? Or unreasonable?  This post will encourage and challenge you to be reasonable.


“Be Merciful To Me, O God”

Mercy is a defining characteristic of God’s moral character.  What does this mean to us personally?  And how does God’s mercy motivate us to be merciful?


Random Reflections on Writing

This post reflects on a major mile stone for ThePreachersWord.  Post #2300.


National Day of Prayer 2020

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented prayer!  More than ever we need  prayers and  more ‘pray-ers’.  This post encourages us to pray.  And offers suggestions for prayer during this current crisis.


Are You A Warrior?

Our President often refers to courageous  citizens as “warriors.”  This metaphor is not only unpopular politically, but also spiritually.  What does the Bible say about why and how Christians can be “warriors.”  This is must read post for every pastor, preacher and parent.


We’re seeing the light at the end of this dark tunnel.  Continue to stay safe.  Be strong. Stay focused.  And wash your hands.

God bless.

Ken Weliever, The Preacherman



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