How Christians  Can Cope With Coronavirus Concerns

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, my friend and preaching colleague, Mark Roberts, who’s the editor of Pressing On, has dedicated the April issue to many of the concerns Christians have during this unprecedented time in our history.

Today’s blog post offers you a link to receive this issue free, compliments of Mark. In it you will find scriptural and timely articles that will help you navigate the maze of questions and challenges you may be dealing with

In his introductory column “On The Mark,” Roberts writes, “Ten days ago, I was at church and all the talk was about the corona virus and what might
be next. We could have never imagined what “next” would be now that it’s here. Our world seems to be turned upside down and inside out. It’s been a long ten days. Here are a few thoughts…” You will relate to his feelings and insights in “A Long 10 Days–Thinking About COVID-19″

Assistant editor, Warren Berkley, shares “Ten Things To Do While in Self-Isolation or Sheltering in Place.”

Dee Bowman reminds us simply and succinctly that “Help is Near.”

We are challenged “To Be Strong and Courageous by Wilson Adams in his article “Our Faith Has Left the Building.”

Doy Moyer offers a thoughtful piece on the “Present Distress” from his column “Mind Your Faith.”

“Is It A Sin To Cancel Services?” has been a question on everyone’s mind. Mark tackles this tough question with wisdom, scripture, and kindness.

There are “Some Things That COVID-19 Cannot Defeat” Mike Wilson writes offering encouragement and hope.

From ThePreachersWord, Mark asked us to share some thoughts and suggestions on dealing with the emotion of fear in “Overcoming Panic with Peace. Facing Fear With Faith.”

Rusty Miller, a Shepherd at the Westside Church in Irving, Texas, gives us a peek behind the scenes in “A Difficult Decision” on how their elders came to conclusions on how to shepherd the flock during this crisis.

Using a historical perspective, Chuck Durham, in his column “Now and Then” shares how this crisis may result in opportunities for Christians to let their lights shine in “See How These Christians Love One Another.”

Finally, blogger Dene Ward in her wonderful style of writing reminds us that God is in heaven and there is no cause for panic in “Just Be Still.”

Pressing On is billed as “the e-magazine for growing Christians.” We have received it since its inception. And believe every issue lives up to its motto. We recommend it without reservation. It will help you and your family during this difficult time.

As a service to our readers, and to provide this worthy material even greater circulation, Click here to receive your free issue.

Thanks, Mark.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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5 responses to “How Christians  Can Cope With Coronavirus Concerns

  1. Ranger

    Great article but the “one issue free” sounded suspiciously like a marketing ploy 😦 from “Pressing On”.


  2. Jennie Hartlep

    Hi Ken..just thought I’d share a thought. My daughter in law texted me yesterday to see how we are. She ended by saying, just relax. I answered with,I think I’m the most relaxed person I know..this isn’t God’s first pleague..He’s got this. (P.s. it was nice to see you the other day)


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