Weekly Recap: March 2-6

In case you’ve missed any posts from ThePreachersWord this past week, here’s a brief summary and the quick links to get you caught up.


Word of the Week:  Correction:

“The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism,”  The reality is we all make mistakes.  And need correction from time to time.   “It’s how you respond to correction that shows the level of your character.”


Seeing Like Paul Saw

This post explorers Paul’s spiritual vision, based on Philippians 3.    20/20 Hindsight.  20/20 Insight.  20/20 Foresight.



A Passage To Ponder:Hebrews 11

This classic chapter is over-viewed by considering Faith’s definition.  It’s direction.  Demonstration.  And destination.





Comfort in the Times of Trouble

In the aftermath of the terrible tornadoes, how do you explain the unexplainable?  And answer the unanswerable?  This post offers some comfort and encouragement to look to the God of all comfort.



When Adversity  Strikes

Adversity strikes in many ways.  Not just tornadoes.  Or natural disasters.  But in sickness. Suffering. Financial reverses. Divorce.  And death.  How do you cope?  This post offers four practical solutions.



Thanks for reading ThePreachersWord.  If these posts have helped you, please past them on so others may receive the blessing and benefit you’ve enjoyed.


Have a great weekend.


Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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