A Medley of Matters


Often the apostle Paul saw fit to conclude his epistles with some information for his readers regarding his personal life and ministry. In this post, we have several things that will be of interest to those following our travels.

Farewell Canada

We arrived in Ontario on May 30th and are leaving today. It has been a great summer with these wonderful brethren. Thanks to the Wellandport Church and Mike Stephens for allowing us to make this our “church home.” Their kindness, hospitality, and fellowship have provided us a joyful, encouraging, and spiritually edifying experience. Thank you all, not only for what you do but who you are.

Ministry Report

We’ve had another busy and profitable summer. We either preached or taught classes 37 times at 4 different congregations–Wellandport, Jordan, South River and West End in Toronto. Also we spent time mentoring some young men who desire to preach the gospel.

It was a pleasure to enjoy fellowship with some of the preachers in Ontario–Mike Stephens, Brian Sullivan, Chris Nicholson, John Maddocks, John Haines, and Steve Rudd. These men work hard and serve the brethren well. They are doing “the work of an evangelist.” As well as “rolling up their sleeves” to minister both physically and spiritually. Those who support them from the USA can be assured that they are making a sound, spiritual investment in the Canadian work.

Bible Lands Trip

One highlight of the summer was our first trip to Israel (July 1-12). Like so many others, I wished I had gone years ago. It was a great experience. We highly recommend it. Every preacher ought to go as early in his ministry as possible.

Anniversary Blogging Break

This Friday, Norma Jean and I are thankful to celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary. (Yes, she is a wonderfully patient and flexible partner to be a sojourner without a home!) As is my custom, we will take a break from blogging this week while we enjoy some time in the Poconos and then Gettysburg, PA.

Of course, we have 2085 past posts filed under 170 categories that you can choose from and still get a dose of ThePreachersWord while we’re on a short break.

Schedule for Remainder of 2019

The schedule tab at the top of this blog, gives specific details of our preaching appointments and travels. There are some openings in our preaching schedule, so if we’re in your area, we would be glad to preach for your congregation if you need a guest speaker.

I will mention, following our time in Pennsylvania, we’re headed to New Albany, Indiana, where I will be speaking at the Charlestown Road church on August 28. Looking forward to being with my friend and brother Roger Shouse.

Lord willing, September 1st we will be back in Florida for 3 weeks to see our kids and grandkids and attend the Florida College Leadership Dinner. We end the month with a trip to Philadelphia for a week.

October is a full month with meetings and preaching appointments in Denton, Texas, Ozark, Arkansas, and Cosby, Tennessee.

We finish the year by returning to Florida and spending November in Pinellas county and December in Citrus county.

When will we settle down? That’s a good question. So far, we are enjoying traveling, making new friends, and ministering in the Word in various ways. Possibly our time in Florida this winter will provide some clarity. We may have some other opportunities to consider. We’ll see.

We are thankful for good health and the ability to serve in this way. And in all our plans, we make them with the contingency, “if the Lord wills” (Jas 4:13-15).

In the meantime, we appreciate you remembering us in your prayers. Thanks for reading ThePreachersWord. And for sharing it with others.

God bless.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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9 responses to “A Medley of Matters

  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you both!


  2. Nancy

    Thank you for coming to Canada and encouraging us with your lessons and your devotion to God and love of the brethren!


  3. Steve Jimison

    I know you’re preaching is appreciated by many Christians across the country. Happy anniversary we love you both and look forward to when we can see you again.


  4. Larry Hafley

    I pray that you and Norma will be safe and that your work’s effectiveness will continue to grow and thrive.   


  5. Thomas David

    Enjoy your break and Happy Anniversary!! Thanks so much for the Preachers Word!!


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