Girls And Boys Are Real

While we are enjoying the cooler Canadian weather this summer and the wonderful fellowship of our Ontario brethren, our neighbors to the North are not any better off when it comes to the culture wars we’re fighting in the US.

The Toronto Sun recently reported that a Canadian family, Jason and Pamela Buffone, filed a civil rights complaint when their 6-year-old daughter became confused over her gender identity.

Apparently, the first-grade teacher showed her class a YouTube video titled, “He, She and They?!?—Gender: Queer Kid Stuff #2.”

“The video contained statements such as, “some people aren’t boys or girls,” and that there are people who do not “feel like a ‘she’ or a ‘he,'” and therefore might not have a gender.”

“There’s no such thing as boys and girls,” the teacher reinforced.

When the parents met with the teacher she defended her actions saying the teaching of gender fluidity was a school board policy, and she was committed to teaching it due to “a change in society.”

The Buggones said their daughter had never had a problem at school or expressed any apprehension about her gender until this issue was raised in her class. Now, she was upset and confused and wanted to go to the doctor to see if she was a girl.

After meeting with the teacher, school officials and the board superintendent, the Buggeons were “tired of being stonewalled,” withdrew their daughter from the school and enrolled her in another school, where she is doing well in her studies and no longer confused about her gender.

“The Ontario Human rights Code states that a poisoned environment is a form of discrimination,” Mrs. Buffone told the newspaper. “We’re going to provide evidence that the manner in which (the teacher) was teaching the concept of gender identity resulted in a poisoned environment.”

“A poisoned environment” describes the culture in both of our countries when it comes to so-called “enlightened thinking” regarding sexual orientation, marriage and gender identity.

The Bible warns us that Satan disguises himself as “an angel of light,” to deceive, dupe and destroy. So it should not be surprising that his minions masquerade in a similar manner. The devil has employed big government, public schools, a misguided media, and the hedonistic entertainment industry to poison people’s minds against God, Jesus and Biblical values. Parents, don’t be deceived. Evil influences corrupt our minds and morals (1 Cor. 15:33).

As a kid growing up in central Indiana, I knew, and so did most everyone else, that there were only two genders–male and female. And that marriage was between a man and a woman. We knew it intuitively and by observation. But, if that wasn’t apparent, God told us.

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them” (Gen. 1:27).

There are 56 verses in the Bible that refer to “male and female” including Jesus’ pronouncement in Matthew 19:4. “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female.”

Then Jesus added, “For this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”

Male and female. Man and woman. Husband and wife. Father and mother. Two genders made by God. Not three. Not transgender. Or no gender.

It’s incredible, but obviously necessary, that parents, pastors, and preachers must resist and repel the ridiculous gender teaching in our society by reinforcing God’s word regarding the gender and sexuality of our young people. The devil and his cohorts will seek to confuse their young minds and corrupt their morals. We must offer sensible answers. And give them confidence in their identity.

This is another example of when standards are abandoned then truth becomes subjective.

Christian parents, don’t allow the secular left to raise and indoctrinate your children. Be sure you are bringing them up “in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Eph 6:4).

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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5 responses to “Girls And Boys Are Real

  1. Larry Hafley

    Ken,My brother and I have always been so close (20 months apart in age) that I wished that someday when I grew up I would have two boys.Then, I met Marilyn who had sister to whom she has always been close.  So, when we decided to start a family, we both agreed that whether we had a boy or a girl, we would try to have another child within two years.Well, it worked out perfectly!  Shawn was born and 20 months later, Curtis was born.But, here’s the story.Back then, 1969-1971, a couple didn’t know whether they were going to have a boy, or a girl before they were born.So, when our doctor, came out to tell me about Curtis’s birth, he said, “Congratulations, Mr. Hafley, you’ve got another boy.”  Excitedly, I said, “Oh, doctor, are you sure!?”  With a smile, he said, “Well, I’ve been taking babies from their mothers for 20 years, and I’ve never called one wrong yet.”Back then, a baby’s gender was not a decision.  It was a physical fact made known at birth.Thanks, Ken, for your fine article which shows the clear teaching of the word of God.           


  2. I don’t think we can do anything about this new secular belief that has taken over Christianity, except to put on the whole armour of God (Ephesians 6) and tell the Christian story boldly.

    Satan and his devils want to keep everyone in the dark. They do not want the mystery of the Gospel proclaimed and fulfilled. They do not want the Woman of the Gospel honoured as the Bride. They want people to believe her Bridegroom died and when he rose…he didn’t choose One over all the other virgins burning their lamps hoping he would choose them. Rather Satan wants you to believe He chose to ascend into heaven and be THE ANGEL OF THE LIGHT and rule over the angels who never marry.

    With the Bride veiled, celibate priestly authorities have insisted Jesus is not a real man, that he is a celestial king of an earthly body that is made up of many sinners he redeems as his bride. So is it any wonder, boys and girls today are being taught that it is okay and quite normal and even better to see oneself as a gender emancipated human who is neither a boy or a girl but a them?

    Consider the REAL STORY. Start with John 3:1-21. It is a Greek Testament story that occurs under the cover of darkness between a female Jesus Teacher and a male Jesus Teacher.

    In my view, it sets up the drama for a later story that was originally left out of the Greek Gospel of John. That story is the Woman Caught in Adultery. Getting caught being in the presence of Nicodemus, Israel’s famed Teacher under the cover of darkness, the reputation of the Woman Jesus is sullied. Nicodemus uses his cloak to cover her, but he does not redeem her or condemn her. He tells her to go and sin no more. As she does, Jesus the Light becomes an ambassador in chains proclaiming the mystery of the Gospel (Ephesians 6:19

    The Woman in John’s Gospel is like Ruth and Naomi, a widow whom the Lord has bitterly treated. To this day, people refuse to believe the Jesus Woman had sex under the cover of darkness with Nicodemus, Israel’s Rabbi. And today many refuse to believe the Woman Caught in Adultery is the Woman called Mara, Mary. Although up until the 1970s it was a common belief.

    In the 12th Chapter, the Woman known as Mary, anoints Israel’s Teacher’s feet sensually and publicly This of course brings judgement…and the believers are separated and scattered like wheat and chaff. At the end of John’s Gospel, the Woman and Israel’s Rabbi appear in the dawning light of a new day, the Woman is weeping, she’s looking for her Bridegroom who is not standing behind her or beside her under a canopy.

    Israel’s Rabbi tells her very clearly he has not taken her Lord’s body or keeping him from her. She is to go and tell his brothers this and to also tell them that “he must rise and appear to the Father.” This is where the text acts as a wedding invitation. It invites the family to receive and honour the Bride and the Groom standing face to face with Israel’s Rabbi. The family are to rightly suppose the Father is her Redeemer Lord, “her chosen Rock” and she his, his cherished Bride.

    The chief builders like the Jesus Woman herself had their moments of doubt. The Rock was acting and talking so much like men and not like God (Matthew 16:23). Could she, could they trust what Israel’s Rabbi said to her? Was there really going to be an ascension, a wedding? Did her “chosen Rock” love her and her little lambs enough to come out into the open, feel her wounds and put his hand in her side? Would her Rock confess his undying love and marry her for real?


  3. Cheryl Socher

    I wholeheartedly agree with this post. Thank you for your timely article and standing up for the truth of the Bible!


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