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Don’t Use the “R-Word”–At Least Not Yet

This January post elicited the 7th most readers views for 2018. The transition to this new phase of ministry has been everything we could have hoped for and more. We are definitely enjoying our “non-retirement.”


“So, I hear that you’re retiring,” a friend said to me recently.

“Don’t use the ‘R’ word,” I replied.

“Oh, I thought you were leaving West main?”

“Well, I am at the end of May. But I’m not retiring from preaching.”

After a puzzled look, I explained that I am leaving local work, but seeking a more  flexible schedule that allows for a broader ministry in the brotherhood. Although I will turn 70 in March, my health is good and I still feel very energetic.

Since my December post announcing this new chapter in our lives, some of our plans have taken shape. In addition to my love of preaching, are traveling and enjoying the fellowship of brethren in other locations. So, we are going to combine the two for a period of time.

This summer we are spending 7 weeks in Welland, Ontario, Canada. The church in Wellandport will…

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