Beware: A Liar is on the Loose


We’re all familiar with the Biblical metaphors and descriptions of the devil.

The dragon.

Roaring lion.

Old serpent.

Prince of Darkness.

Your adversary.

The tempter.

Prince of this world.

The wicked one.

There is one description by Jesus that ought to particularly give us pause and cause us to be on guard. Liar. And father of all liars.

In the May edition of Pressing On, an e-magazine for growing Christians, edited by my friend, Mark Roberts, there was a piece by Dee Bowman about the devil. Here’s what he wrote:

The Devil is a liar and the father of all liars (John 8:44). I’m sick and tired of him.

I’m tired of the devil’s encroachments into people’s spiritual lives (attendance, interest, enthusiasm are affected; carnality is promoted, often accepted with impunity). He’s a liar, folks!

I’m tired of the devil using the allurements of the world to promote sexual promiscuity (causing young people to deny oral sex as sex, subscribing to internet devices to explore sex, pornography; making the need to “be accepted” greater than it is). He’s a liar, folks!

I’m tired of the devil breaking up God-ordained marriages (divorce is not only rampant, but accepted as normal; extra-marital sex is, in some quarters, encouraged, even by some married couples; living together before marriage is accepted without reservations). He’s a liar, folks!

I’m tired of the devil causing people to play loose with the truth (subjectivism, individualism, the community church movement, etc.). He’s a liar, folks!

I’m tired of the devil indicating to our people that a secular education is more important than a spiritual one (spirituality takes second place; secularism puts our youngsters under influence of naturalists, evolutionists, agnostics, even atheists, saying “they can’t change me.”). He’s a liar, folks!

I’m tired of the devil invading families by denying them time for spiritual things (no home Bible study, no together prayers, no meals together, no Bible discussions, of encouraging leisure time to be spent in ways other than spiritual ones). He’s a liar, folks.

I, too, am tired of the devil’s lies that try to lead me away from the Lord and their destructive impact on the lives of those who I love.

Yes, the devil is the master of manipulation. He’s cunning. Crafty. Subtle. And a swindler who wants to cheat you out of your heavenly reward.

Want to know his biggest lie of all? It was told in the Garden of Eden to Eve. That you should believe him instead of God.

What can we do? Where do we turn? How do we combat this formidable foe? The answer, Dee reminds us, is found in Scripture, I Peter 5:8-9.

“Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith…”

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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