Sunday Seed Thoughts: Worshiping in Branson

Today Norma Jean and I are worshiping in Branson at the Eagle Rock Church. We’ve visited before. But it’s my first opportunity to preach here.

While I don’t know these brethren, except for their preacher Philip North, looking at their website tells me that we will feel right at home

Who We Are

“Here at the Eagle Rock Road church of Christ, we are simply sinful people (like everybody else – Romans 3:23) who have found God’s redemptive grace. Through His Son, Jesus Christ, God has provided us with a means by which our sins can be taken away, and we can have eternal life in Heaven.”

Our Purpose

“Our purpose as a church is to do what Christ intended the local church to do, nothing more and nothing less. We strive to serve God and help one another do the same. We evangelize, that is, teach lost souls about salvation in Jesus Christ. We assemble weekly to worship God in a collective sense.”

Our Assembly

“Our public worship services are God-centered. Our primary attraction in the public assembly is the Lord…But we also assemble for another purpose-to strengthen each other.”

The familiarity of these statements says we will enjoy a commonality of fellowship. Because their purpose, focus and objective is Bible based.

This simple thought strikes me. Much of the religious division and confusion in the world could be eliminated if we would seek to truly please God instead of ourselves and faithfully follow His Word.

When you visit Branson, worship with the Eagle Rock brethren.  You, too, will feel right at home.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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  1. Penny Scott

    👍 Branson is a nice tourist town!

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