Sunday Seed Thoughts: The Beauty of Sameness

Seed Thoughts

This morning Norma Jean and I are waking up to colder temperatures. And the possibility of snow. But with a warm feeling in our hearts.

We’re in Portland, Oregon, where we attended the wedding of my former preaching intern, Justin Berss, and Ali Beth Shropshire. Today we will be worshiping with and I will be preaching for the brethren at the 160th Avenue Church of Christ.

This week-end prompted some thoughts about sameness.

As a rule I like variety. In food. In vacations. In experiences. In opportunities. After all, “variety is the spice of life.” Yet, there is something beautiful and beneficial about sameness.

God’s plan for marriage is the same. One man for one woman for life. (Matt 19:4-9). Customs and culture may change. Attitudes may be altered. And laws may decree an alternative union. But God’s Word hasn’t changed.

Likewise the church, which is compared to the marriage union in Ephesians 5, was ordered and ordained by God through Jesus Christ (Eph 1). Today I fully expect to worship with brethren who follow the same pattern for the work, worship and organization of the church as my church family in North Texas.

Sameness provides stability. Security. Strength. Soundness. Steadfastness. And continuity. There is comfort and assurance in the reliability of our relationships. Both physically and spiritually.

Today, I thank God for the beauty of sameness.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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