The Welievers Are Moving

Our move this year from Kansas City to Texas was big news. At least for us. And our readers. This post, which explains the motivation behind the move, was the 5th most read in 2016. I also link an important post on Providence that you would enjoy reading.


West Main St Church

Fifty years ago I made the decision as a teenager to preach the Gospel of Christ. Although there have been various opportunities, interests and even the need on occasion to “make tents,” I’ve never wavered from my primary passion.

The commitment to preach has taken Norma Jean and me to many cities and states throughout the years–from Maine to California. And even a mission trip to Kazakstan. We have lived and engaged in located work in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida and now Missouri. I have tried to approach what I might do and where I would live based on the exhortation in James 4:13-17.

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2 responses to “The Welievers Are Moving

  1. Penny Scott

    Glad you and Norma Jean have been well received. We enjoyed your time in KC. Thanks for the time you spent at Hickman. We are currently visiting the congregation at Blue River Church of Christ.

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