Sunday Seed Thoughts: Giving or Receiving?

Seed Thoughts

“One can worship God by himself, but not for long. The secret of our religion is that we get the most out of it when we are giving the most.” (Fitzgerald)

I have heard the complaint over the years by some who came to worship but said, “I didn’t get anything out it.” Maybe that was their problem. They came to get instead of give. Of course, we should receive something from worship—encouragement, inspiration and fellowship with God and other worshipers.

However, the paradox is that to “get” we must “give.” You know the singing won’t be very good if we all stop to listen to it! So, as we sing and pray let’s give. The communion may be enhanced by some timely remarks by the one, leading, but I must give myself to God in mediation and reflection. And, of course, the preacher has a huge responsibility to study, prepare and present a practical Bible lesson. However, each one must look for the personal application and then put it into practice, thus giving.

Are you giving and receiving?

—Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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One response to “Sunday Seed Thoughts: Giving or Receiving?

  1. rlb

    AMEN! Our primary purpose is to give worship to The Almighty. If we do so with our minds focused and engaged we will receive His intended benefits/by-products for His children. We will be edified, enriched spiritually,encouraged and enjoy brotherly fellowship as well as fellowship with our God & Savior. Thanks for the reminder brother!

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