Sunday Seed Thoughts: Tasting God’s Goodness

Seed Thoughts

My wife has a lot of recipes. Suppose I invited you over one Saturday night to join us in the reading of some of her receipts?  We could read her receipts for Sunday dinner:  pot roast with carrots and potatoes, green bean casserole, squash, sweet potato casserole, rolls and chocolate pie?

You would probably say, “Ken, I’d rather wait until Sunday and come over and taste it myself.”

The Psalmist said, “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good;” (Ps. 34:8)

Rather then just fill our minds with facts about God, we are invited to fill our hearts with Him. To “taste Him.” We “taste” God’s goodness as we develop a relationship with Him.”

“Taste” His goodness in the beauty of nature.

“Taste” His goodness in happiness of home life.

“Taste” His goodness in Christian fellowship.

“Taste” His goodness in material blessings.

“Taste” His goodness in salvation through Christ.

“Taste” His goodness in the joy of worship.”

“Taste” His goodness in the removal of guilt. 

Reading about God’s goodness is beneficial, but tasting it is better!

         —Ken Weliever, The Preacherman



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2 responses to “Sunday Seed Thoughts: Tasting God’s Goodness

  1. So true! We need to use what we read and experience God’s presence and goodness. May I repost this on my blog http so:// With full credits, of course.

    • Thanks! I appreciate you reading and your response. I’m happy for you to repost as long as you credit not only the author, but the source. Also I would appreciate a link my to my site. This would apply to any future posts you wish to use. Thanks for asking

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