Thoughts On Our First Week in Texas


It’s actually been 12 days since Allied Van Lines arrived to unload all of our stuff at our new home in Corinth, Texas, 35 miles North of Dallas. It seemed like even more stuff than I remember packing! But I haven’t seen anything yet that wasn’t ours.

As you can imagine we have been busy unpacking. Moving furniture around. Finding the closest grocery store. Unpacking. Learning our way around Denton county. Unpacking. Pausing for much needed coffee breaks. Meeting new neighbors. Unpacking. Taking time for midweek Bible study. Attending graduation parties. Searching for the best burger in Denton county. Traversing the traffic and construction on I-35. Worshiping with the saints on Sunday. And delivering my first sermon as the new preacher at the West Main Church in Lewisville. And of course, unpacking!

As I reflect on the move, allow me use my blog today for some personal observations of the first few days.

(1) The commonality of faith we share with brethren everywhere. We are meeting people for the first time. But there is an instant bond. We have the same Father. We serve the same Lord. We seek the same spiritual goals. Brethren have welcomed us. Lent a helping hand. Provided a place to stay until the movers arrived. Brought food. Taken us out to eat. And generally volunteered to help in any way possible. It is a unique fellowship that is difficult for those in the world to comprehend. When you are a Christian no matter where you go, you have a family!

(2) The beauty of God ordained worship is universal. On Sunday we sang. Prayed. Communed with Christ at His supper. Contributed our resources to support the work. And studied the Word. Hmm? That’s what we did in Kansas City. In Tampa. In Tennessee. In Kentucky. I think we take for granted the unchanging nature of God’s plan. The security in the continuity of scriptural worship. The beauty of His pattern. Thank God for His Word that provides for our every need and gives us emotional and spiritual stability.

(3) The fundamental goodness of people. Yes, I know there are bad people who do bad things. But I believe in the basic decency of human beings. People in this area have been wonderful. The community has welcomed us. Strangers have given directions. Workers in the stores have been courteous. Servers in restaurant have been friendly. Too often we overlook or take for granted the need for people to just be nice. I promise you when you move to a new area, it sure means a lot for folks to be nice to you.

(4) The universal need of the gospel. People in North Texas need Christ. Just like they did in Kansas City, Missouri. Tampa, Florida. And in Columbia, Tennessee. The message is the same. The need is same. The basic problem of people is the same. Sin has made its way to Denton County! Satan has a foothold here too. But thankfully grace abounds. Mercy is offered. Hope is afforded. And salvation is available to all.

(5) The diversity of God’s creation  and the singularity of each state. Though the years we have lived in the cold, snowy North and the sunny South. We’ve enjoyed the palm trees and the Gulf beaches of Florida and the gentle rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. We’ve lived in small towns and large cities. Each has its own unique flavor. Customs. Culture. And advantages.

Already we’ve enjoyed seeing the lakes and the Longhorns of this region. The small town square in Denton. The down home Texas congeniality. And the pride of the Lone Star State. Bud Holmes told me the other day that he wasn’t born in Texas, but he got here as fast as he could! I smiled. And remembered that quote often used and attributed to the great Sam Houston.

Well, thanks for reading ThePreachersWord today. And just letting me ruminate a bit. Maybe something gave you pause for reflection. A good thought. Or just a little smile creased your lips.

Now, I’m a fixin’ to finish unpacking. Cause as they say in Texas, I’m “Ready and rarin’ to go.”

–Ken Weliver, The Preacherman


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8 responses to “Thoughts On Our First Week in Texas

  1. Thanks for sharing, Ken. We have had a similar experience in our move from Kansas City to North Georgia. The relationship with others in Christ is a special bond. Glad you and Norma Jean are settling in. Give Norma a hug for me.

  2. Mark

    Welcome to Texas, Ken!

  3. David Enoch

    Hi Ken,
    Amy and I both grew up as preachers kids. We both moved a lot growing up and like you have learned that as Christians, we have family everywhere. We enjoyed your lessons Sunday and look forward to getting to know you better.
    David Enoch

  4. Pat Weinmann

    You are ALWAYS “ready and ‘raring to go!” And you are so right, when you are a Christian no matter where you go, you have a family! Miss you as always but smiling ear to ear thinking of your new opportunities.

  5. Norma Jean and Ken. It was such a joy and delight to meet you and welcome you to Lewisville CoC. We get to come see our family pretty often and look forward to worshiping together. Leah and Jimmy are two of our favorite people, as well as their two beautiful ladies! I know all will be well with you with all the beautiful brethren there. I have had the pleasure of sharing worship services with these at time to time .
    May He always shine down on you and your families and shower you with His richest blessings. In His love, Tom and Carol Wilcox ( mom and dad of Leah and grandparents do those 2 beautiful girls)

  6. Barbara Norton

    Brought back memories when you two moved to Tampa, Fl. and you wanted to surprise Norma by getting the family room done before she got home. Giving me the leeway to paint an accent wall a color from the new rug. A color, I might add, that was questionable at best. But, I think it turned out really nice and you didn”t make me paint over it after all those years.
    I know the Christians there have fallen in love with you both just like we did. God Bless you both and wear your seat belts for Heaven saks. It looks like you need both of those. Give Norma my love.

    • Hey Barbie! Thanks for reminded me of that special memory. Yes, we pulled it off, didn’t we? And Norma Jean loved it. We’re enjoying the Dallas Metroplex. When you come to TX, come and see us.

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