God’s World, Word and Worshiper

psalm 19.1

Yesterday was a rich journey into the Psalms at the Florida College Lectures. It was edifying. Inspiring. And challenging.

Bob Owen answered the question, “Who may abide in Your Tabernacle?” John Gentry addressed Psalm 19, a great lesson on the magnificence of God’s Word. Jeff Wilson studied the Messianic Psalm 22. Don Hooton encouraged the audience from Psalm 27, a message of faith, trust and confidence in the Lord. And Tommy Peeler closed last night with a powerful presentation from Psalm 2 affirming that the Lord rules and reigns today in the midst of an ungodly world.

All of these Psalms have a common themes. God is sovereign. People are presented with choices to follow. In the midst of evil, wickedness and as Tommy expressed it, “a world set on fire,” there is help, hope and salvation in the Lord. And, of course, these Psalms share a respect for God’s Word and an admonition for us to believe it, embrace it and follow it.

Today, briefly consider what C. S. Lewis called “the greatest poem of the Psalter,” Psalm 15. Brother Gentry divided the Psalm into three parts: The world of God, the Word of God, and the worshiper of God.

God is declared and revealed through His world. The Sun shines forth in its brilliance to declare, “There is a God!” The proclamation of nature is a frequent theme of the Psalmist. It is also an argument that the apostle Paul uses in Romans 1 to condemn the Gentile world for their rejection of God.

God’s world expresses His invisible attributes, reveals His eternal power and affirms His Godhood. To look at the creation and deny the Supreme Creator is folly. And when we do so, we are without excuse.

God is specifically revealed and honored through His Word. John spoke of the six parallel lines in verses 7-9 that speak to a different aspect of the Word, identify a different attribute and show us a specific ability of the Word to impact our lives.

(1) God’s Word revives the soul. In a sin-sick world, it “restores vitality to our weary bones.”

(2) God’s Word makes the wise simple. It is the only true and accurate source of real wisdom.

(3) God’s Word rejoices the heart. When we are discouraged, depressed and disheartened, the Word can lift us. Encourage us. And fill us with joy.

(4) God’s Word enlightens the eyes. In a morally dark world, we find illumination through the Word as it lights our pathway.

(5) God’s Word endures forever. It is invincible. Unstoppable. Impregnable. And eternal.

(6) God’s Word is entirely righteous. It is righteous and holy because it originates from a Holy and righteous God. And it is designed to make us righteous as well.

A knowledge of God and His Word should lead us to worship. As we turn to Jehovah and bow in His presence we admit our sins, confess our faults, seek His forgiveness and rise to exclaim “You are my God!”

The focus of this lectureship and what should be the daily desire of our lives is the Psalmist’s prayer: “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer”

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman



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3 responses to “God’s World, Word and Worshiper

  1. tommythornhill

    Good thoughts, but I believe you meant Ps.19 instead of Ps.15 that bro. Gentry spoke about.


    Inspirational message to know God more in world,word and worshiper.

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