Jesus Focused


In his book Worship is a Verb, Robert Webber writes, The focus of worship is not human experience, not a lecture, not entertainment, but Jesus Christ—his life, death and resurrection.”

Worship. It’s not about showcasing the talent of a gifted musician, or displaying a preacher’s knowledge of Greek verbs, or even a pleasant reunion of family and friends. It’s about Jesus.

Worship and Jesus go together. We praise His name. We pray by his authority. We preach His Word. We partake of His supper. He is the purpose of worship. Jesus is alpha and omega of worship. Apart from Him worship is an exercise either in futility, self promoting pride, or a misdirected object.

Thus, worship is not a spectator sport. It’s not something done to us, but something done by us. Our focus is spiritual. Our purpose is to give. Our aim is to please, not ourselves, but the One we’ve come to honor.

As we assembly today at our places of worship,  let’s concentrate on the Lord in the most reverent and dignified way as we bow our heads and humble our hearts.

—Ken Weliever. The Preacherman


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