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Life Lessons Learned from Yogi-isms

Yesterday the Yankee Legend Yogi Berra died. Several months ago ThePreachersWord ran a post with some of his famous quotes. We’re reblogging it for those who may have missed it. And if you saw it, I’m sure you’d enjoy reading it again. It will put a smile on your face.


Yogi Berra

Former Yankee great and baseball Hall of Famer, Yogi Berra, turned 90 on Tuesday. Berra was known, not only for his  All Star career, but his “Yogi-isms,” funny quips about life and baseball.

His family, friends, and fans gathered to celebrate his remarkable life and career, and to recall some of his famous “Yogi-isms”

Several years ago, Sports Broadcaster, Brent Musburger, told a story that one Fall day Yogi was burning leaves in his yard. Suddenly the wind picked up, and it was getting harder to get the fire line under control. The flames got a bit more aggressive and headed toward a storage shed on the property. So he ran in to call the fire department for help.

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