“As the centuries pass, the evidence is accumulating that, measured by His effect on history, Jesus is the most influential life ever lived on this planet.” — Historian Kenneth Scott Latourette


That name touches the lives and hearts of people. Some are made mad. Others glad. Some people become angry and vindictive. While others are humbled and grateful. Some are filled with resentment. Yet still others experience comfort, delight and pleasure.

In one of his sermons, extolling the name of Jesus, Charles Spurgeon said, “His name should be prized because He is the answer to our supplication, the assurance of our salvation and the abundance of our supply. His name is praised because His name is the reason for the conversion of our souls, the comfort of our suffering and a commander in our soldiering. His name should be promoted in our lives because of who He is.”

Through the years I have been an avid reader of a prolific author named “anonymous.” It is amazing the volume of his works. One of his pieces praises the name of Jesus by looking at Him from the viewpoint of various occupations of people, but based on Bible names and designations.

“Who is Jesus to you?” asks the author.

To the ARTIST He is the One Altogether Lovely.

To the ARCHITECT He is the Chief Corner Stone.

To the BAKER He is the Living Bread.

To the BANKER He is the Hidden Treasure.

To the BIOLOGIST He is the Life.

To the BUILDER He is the Sure Foundation.

To the CARPENTER He is the Door.

To the DOCTOR He is the Great Physician.

To the EDUCATOR He is the Great Teacher.

To the ENGINEER He is the New and Living Way.

To the FLORIST He is the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley.

To the GEOLOGIST He is the Rock of Ages.

To the HORTICULTURIST He is the True Vine.

To the JUDGE He is the Righteous Judge.

To the JEWELER He is the Pearl of Great Price.

To the LAWYER He is the Counselor, the Lawgiver, and the Advocate.

To the NEWSPAPER EDITOR He is the Good Tidings of Great Joy.

To the OCULIST He is the Light of the Eyes.

To the PHILANTHROPIST He is the Unspeakable Gift.

To the PHILOSOPHER He is the Wisdom of God.

To the PREACHER He is the Word of God.

To the SCULPTOR He is the Living Stone.

To the SERVANT He is the Good Master.

To the STATESMAN He is the Desire of All Nations.

To the STUDENT He is the Incarnate Truth.

To the THEOLOGIAN He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

To the TOILER He is the Giver of Rest.

To the SINNER He is the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the World.

To the CHRISTIAN He is the Son of the Living God, the Savior, the Redeemer and the Lord.

Who is Jesus to you?

It’s Friday, my friend. But Sunday’s coming! It’s time to answer the most important question of your life.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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2 responses to “IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! Who is Jesus to You?

  1. Shirley Reed

    I love this post. He is my EVERYTHING!

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