The Scottish minister Alexander Whyte was known for his positive attitude and uplifting prayers in the pulpit.  He always found something for which to be thankful.

One Sunday morning the weather was awful.  It was a dark, dreary and stormy day.  One the deacons remarked, “Well, the preacher won’t have anything to be thankful for on a day like this!” 

Whyte began the service with a prayer that went something like this.  “O Lord, we thank you for this day, and thank you that it’s not always like this!”

Regardless of the circumstances there is always something to be thankful for.  And when the Lord is recognized and honored as our Lord, it’s easy to be thankful.  In one of the great thanksgiving Psalms, the writer penned, “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,  And into His courts with praise.  Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.”  (Psalm 100:4)

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving day in the United States, it would be a good time to think of the things for which we are thankful.  Many people compile wish lists at Christmas, why not create a Thanksgiving list?!

Here’s a fun way to think of some things, both big and small, for which we can be thankful.  Take the letters in the word Thanksgiving and make an acrostic. Here’s mine this year.

Truth.  I’m glad God defined what truth is, demonstrated it in Jesus,  and revealed it in His Holy Book, the Bible.    Indeed “the truth shall set you free” (Jn. 8:32).

Home.  Not a house but a home.  I’ve was blessed with godly parents, Roy and Mattie Weliever who defined the value of home; A wife, Norma Jean, who has willingly, lovingly and faithfully made our house a home where ever we lived; and two children, Kenny and Rachél, that have added so much joy to our home.

America.  My home.  My country is not perfect. She has her faults and problems.  But I’m grateful for the freedom we have, the opportunities we are provided, the privileges we enjoy.  May God bless America!

Neighbors.  Everywhere we’ve lived, we’ve had some good neighbors.  I’m thankful for their kindness, generosity, and friendship.

Grandchildren.  I have two. Roy Sharp Thompson and Miles Carter Weliever.  They were born 8 days apart.  They’re only a couple of months old.  But I sure love those little fellows.

Ice Cream.  I like all kinds.  But especially chocolate.  And especially Blue Bell.  It’s one of life’s little pleasures.

Vision.  The ability to see is a blessing we take for granted.  Ask anyone who’s lost their sight.  To see my wife’s smile.  A sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. The Fall foliage.  Snow-capped mountains.  And the Ocean’s white foam.

Inheritance.  No, I’m not talking a physical inheritance like money or property.  As a Christian, I’m promised a heavenly inheritance.  Undefiled.  Unfading.  And incorruptible (2Pet 1:3)

Nuts.  Walnuts.  Peanuts. Cashews.  Pecans.  Almonds.  Macadamia Nuts.  Chocolate nuts.  Roasted nuts.  Salted nuts. Seasoned nuts.  They’re all good!

God.  My Creator.  My Heavenly Father.  And My Provider. He’s the ultimate source of every good and perfect gift (Jas 1:18).  He made it all.  And He deserves all praise, glory and thanksgiving.

Well, that’s my list today.  What’s yours?  Maybe a good exercise while you’re waiting for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow is have everyone do their own acrostic.  Have fun!

The Preacherman is taking a short holiday break.  See you next week.


–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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3 responses to “GREAT VERSES OF THE BIBLE: Psalm 100:4

  1. tommythornhill

    Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to work on an acoustic along those lines, but most of all to be thankful for our great God who has blessed us beyond measure. We never thank Him enough Col.1:12-14.


  2. Peggy Hobbs

    This is a great idea, thanks for sharing. Now to see what I can come up with the word Thanksgiving. Have a Happy One!


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