Word of the Week: Perseverance


Today is a special milestone for ThePreachersWord.  This is the 500th post!

We began January 1, 2012 with no readers!  No track record.  No idea of what to expect.  And certainly no thought of posting 500 times!  What began as an unexpected opportunity to minister in this manner has been a wonderful blessing to me.  And I  hope to those who are regular readers.

According to WordPress we have 2400 followers from various media sources. ThePreachersWord has been read in over 170 countries.  And we have posts in over 100 categories.

How has this happened?  Several factors have contributed to bring us to this point.  But none more important than perseverance.  Persistence.  Just continuing on each day.

The word the week is perseverance.

Perseverance is an essential ingredient to success in any endeavor.  Business. Sports. Education. Even Blogging!  And most importantly, living the Christian life.

The Hebrew writer urged, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” (Heb 12:1).

A runner must persevere through aches.  Pains.  Strains.  A dedicated runner persists in hot weather.  Cold weather.  Rainy weather.  When he feels good.  Or bad.  Or just blah!  He runs!  He runs with a goal in view.  With purpose.  Passion.  Perseverance.

The Christian life is a spiritual marathon.  Not a sprint.  It requires a lifetime of dedication. Devotion.  And doggedness.  It’s not always easy.  Convenient.  Or popular.  But the true disciple of Jesus is not deterred.  Dismayed.  Or distracted.  He keeps on keeping on!

The thread of spiritual perseverance runs throughout the teaching of the Bible.

Jesus said, “The one who endures to the end shall be saved” (Matt. 24:13).

Luke says The Jerusalem Christians, “continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine…” (Ax 2:42).

Peter teaches that as we mature in Christian graces we should add to our faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control and perseverance. (2 Pet. 1:6-7)  Without perseverance will not grow and develop spiritually.

Paul exhorted Timothy to persevere in preaching the gospel (1Tim 4:16).  James urges Christians to withstand trials because they produce in us the quality of perseverance that helps us mature in our faith (Jas 1:3-5).

The Bible in various places calls for Christians to persevere in prayer.  In brotherly love.  In faith.  In fellowship.  In God’s grace.

The great cloud of witnesses in Hebrews shouts for us to keep on running the spiritual race.  In spite of problems.  Obstacles.  Or weariness.

In the 1968 Mexico City Olympics John Stephen Akhwari represented Tanzanai in the marathon.  Along the course Akhwari stumbled and fell, severely injuring his knee and ankle.  But he kept on running.

Hours after an Ethiopian runner had won, Akhwari limped into the Olympic stadium. Only a few thousand spectators were left, but they began to cheer the courageous Tanzanian.  Bloodied, bruised and bandaged he grimaced with every step as he completed the final lap of the race.

Later, a reporter asked Akhwari, “Why did your continue the race after you were so badly injured?”

He replied, “My country did not send me 5,000 miles to begin a race; they sent me to finish the race.”

God is calling you and I to finish.  So, “let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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10 responses to “Word of the Week: Perseverance

  1. pennymcdaniel62

    Athletes of the Spirit! Love the analogy of the runner persevering. Being a runner and a theologian by training, I certainly relate. Thanks for a great post! Keep up the great work! Congrats on reaching #500. You are doing God’s work. Blessings to you and to all your readers.


  2. John Witt

    Perseverance is that quality of character that sees a thing through in spite of adversities and even though results are not immediately visible.


  3. Steve Jimison

    Reminds me of the quote by Calvin Coolidge:
    Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
    Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.
    Genius will not: unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
    Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts.
    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.


  4. My voice teacher was world reknown and she told me something that always stuck with me. She said that a less talented person could get by a super talented person through hard work. Talent alone doesn’t guarantee a successful career, but perseverance does! God tells us to keep in the race for a reason, so we don’t get fat and lazy in the brain and satan can then fool us into sin! I honestly don’t remember how I ran across your web sight, but I do enjoy reading what others have to say regarding God’s word. Someone else may always have a new insight that I may have missed my whole life! As the Lord says: “Seek and ye shall find” and “the truth shall make you free.” As I recall from a past study the seek and ye shall find was an active thing. We continually seek to find the truth which will make us free if I understand it correctly so continue to study and write and above all else – put away any pre-conceived notions you may have brought with you from Bible college, your denomination, etc. I know I sure had to over the years. That is probably the best thoughts I can give you to encourage you to go on in the best writing you’ll do yet. Sincerely, Lonny


  5. Carolyn Hays

    You do a great job, Ken. Keep up the good work.


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