Some Thoughts About the Royal Baby

mother-holding-baby-drawingWhen a King is about to be born people are watching.  Waiting.  Anticipating.

After all it’s not a common occurrence.  Or an every day event.  Or an ordinary birth.  It’s unique.  Unparalleled.  Unequaled.  Special.  Very special.

And now the Royal baby has come into the world!  Adored.  Admired. Celebrated.

And don’t you just love his name?  It flows.  It just rolls off your tongue.


Oh, you thought I was talking about William and Catherine’s baby boy?  No, I was thinking about Joseph and Mary’s baby boy!

I understand the royal birth is important to the British people.  To the monarchy.  And to millions who follow and admire the royal family.  And yet with the non stop coverage and incredible hype surrounding their baby’s birth, I think we should be reminded about the real royal baby.  Reminded of the differences.  Reminded of His majesty.  His Kingship.  His rule and reign.

When Jesus was born, the world was not watching.  He could not have been born in a more lowly place.  A stinking stable.  With mud and manure.  With a mixture of blood, sweat and tears, Jesus is born.  With only the animals looking on.

Later the Shepherds would arrive.  Not the press. Or the elite of the day. Or the religious hierarchy.  But men that smelled like sheep!  What a sight that must have been!  God enters the world in an unsuspecting little town. Divinity becoming human. The Creator in a feed trough.  Majesty juxtaposed against the mundane.  His birth was nothing like the British baby!  And He sure didn’t look like a King!

And think about the parents?  Mary was not a Duchess.  Just a scared Jewish girl.  Joseph was not from a family of privilege.  Nor a king in waiting.  He was a lowly carpenter.  They were just common folks.  Ordinary people.  Simple.  Plain. And unpretentious.   Yet, the baby boy they held that night was predestined by God to be a King!

The differences between these two births are not just separated by centuries.  They were different in every way imaginable.

Jesus’ Brith was prophesied over 300 times in the Old Testament.  For centuries the Jewish people were anticipating a Messiah,  a royal heir to David’s throne.  The prediction was clear.  The prophets affirmed it. And the angel confirmed it.  Mary was a virgin.  Jesus would be born without an earthly father. (Isa 7:14; Matt. 1:18). Her conception was miraculous.  A divine intervention by God.  Yet, the Jews missed it!  “He came unto his own.  And his own received him not.”

God sent Jesus on a rescue mission to earth in the most uncommon, unusual, unorthodox way to demonstrate His Deity.  To offer evidence of His Godhood. And to leave an undeniable record to bear witnesses of His Lordship to a  misinformed, misguided and cynical world.

The yet to be named Prince of Cambridge will be welcomed by a 62 salute, fireworks and fountain water turning blue.  Jesus, the prince of peace, was welcomed by lowly shepherds, a few wise man, and a bounty on his head by King Herod.

The Prince will live a life of luxury, privilege and prestige.  Jesus lived in poverty, obscurity, and surrendered His divine prerogatives.

The Prince may one day become King of England.  He’s third in the line of succession.  Jesus was designated to be King of Kings.  He now rules.

If the Prince becomes King he will reign over a physical kingdom, the British empire.  Jesus has all authority in heaven and on earth.  His reign is spiritual.

Many have been waiting outside of St. Mary’s hospital for a glimpse of the Royal baby.  Sadly, many will never see Jesus.  Yet, He seeks your attention.

The contrast between the Prince of Cambridge and the Prince of Peace further reminds me of God’s way. How he uses the simple things in this world to confound the wise.  And it impresses upon me my heavenly calling.  It is not based upon power, position, or privilege.    God uses the humble, lowly, base things of the world to show his glory.  His power.  His wisdom.

While the world rejoices with William and Catherine, and enjoys the pomp of the British tradition, don’t lose sight of the real royal baby.  King Jesus!  Our risen Redeemer!

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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4 responses to “Some Thoughts About the Royal Baby

  1. Camille Corley

    Excellent Ken!

  2. Ken, I really appreciated the comparison. It is so sad that people get excited about the temperol things in this life, but falil to grasp the significance of hwo God works. He uses the mundane things to present the truth. They that appreciate Him will seek and find, but others wrapped up in this world will never find for they look in the wrong places. God bless.

  3. You closing comments are worth meditation every Lords Day. thank you

  4. Ruth Conger

    Sooooo good!

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