Jesus Loves the Little Children

You’ve heard of Children’s letters to God?  Someone has collected letters and notes from  children written to the preacher. 

Dear Preacher, I know God loves everybody but He never met my sister. Yours sincerely,  Arnold. Age 8, Nashville. 

Dear Preacher, Please say in your sermon that Peter Peterson has been a good boy all  week. I am Peter Peterson. Sincerely, Pete. Age 9, Phoenix 

Dear Preacher, Could you have a sermon about a raise in my allowance? Love, Patty. Age 10, New Haven 

 Dear Preacher, Please say a prayer for our Little League team. We need God’s help or a  new pitcher. Thank you. Alexander. Age 10, Raleigh 

 Dear Preacher, Are there any devils on earth? I think there may be one in my class. Carla. Age 10, Salina 

Dear Preacher, I liked your sermon on Sunday. Especially when it was finished. Ralph, Age 11, Akron 

Well, Ralph, a lot of adults agree with you on that one! But aren’t kids great!  They’re honest. Open. Transparent.  

This week my life will be enriched by children as our Church Family engages in Vacation Bible School.  I love VBS.  It reminds me of the value of children.  The need to teach them.  To provide spiritual direction for them.  

There was an occasion where the people brought their children to Jesus.  Surprisingly the disciples rebuked the people.  Jesus, however, was displeased by their rebuff and reprimanded them saying, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.  Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”  

It was customary for parents to bring their children to Rabbis for a blessing.  So, it is reasonable they would also come to Christ.  Jesus welcomed them.  While the disciples probably thought they were doing Him a favor by protecting His time and conserving His energy, they failed to consider the worth of children.  Children are important to Jesus.         

There are several lessons here.  The children were brought to Jesus.  Who brought them?  We would assume the parents.  Moms and Dads please bring you kids to Jesus. Give them an opportunity to know Him.  To learn of His Word.  To feel His love. To receive His blessings. 

But adults can also learn something from children as well.  

Humility.  When they were arguing over who will be the greatest in the Kingdom, Jesus used a child as an example.  He said, “you must be like this child.”  (Matt 18:1-5).  “Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God.” 

Dependence.  Children need their parents.  For food. Shelter.  Protection. Support.  In the same way, we need our Heavenly Father.  He supplies our daily bread.  He sent Jesus to point the way.  He will supply our every need (Phil. 4:19).  

Trust.  Child-like trust is a proverb.  In fact, we worry that sometimes children are too trusting.  Unfortunately, in a day when evil people would harm children, they have to be warned to be careful.  Fortunately we can trust our Father 100% of the time.  With Him we never have to fear.  Or worry. Or be anxious. 

Eagerness to Learn.  VBS always reminds me how excited kids are to learn.  They raise their hands and want to be called on.  They are excited. Alert.  Enthused.  Oh, to be like a child!  Never let your excitement for God and His Word grow stale.  

 Jesus offers a serious and severe warning to anyone who would cause a child to be spiritually harmed (Matt 18:6-7).  Don’t neglect the children.  Or hurt them by a bad example.  Or wound their conscience. Or crush their spirit. 

When you see kids running around your church building.  Laughing. Talking. Giggling. Playing?  What do you see?  I see tomorrow’s leaders. Elders. Deacons. Preachers. Bible Class teachers. And godly wives and mothers.   Oh, I am reminded that Jesus loves the little children!

—Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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  1. Judy Bertram

    Great thoughts today. Really enjoyed reading this post. The children’s letters were great 🙂 I also like the attributes of children you discussed. I have a lot of work to do!


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