An Important Word From Moses

Tuesday I was Moses. Yes, Moses in the Old Testament!  At least I played the role of Moses for our Vacation Bible School students.  I have been selected to dress and act the part of a different Bible character every day.  One little girl went home on Monday and told her mother that Noah was very tall!  Well, so was Moses! 

Norma Jean and I are team teaching the narrative.  So, she played the part of an interviewer asking Moses questions about what it was like onMt.Sinai.  She asked me various questions about the Ten Commandments.  The Tabernacle.  The Priests.  And what it was like on the Mountain for 40 days.  Then she asked, “Moses, if you had to sum up God’s expectation for His people in just one word, what would it be?”  

How would you answer that question?  

This “Moses” answered it with the word “holy.”  I have a feeling when we get to heaven and ask the real Moses, he would say the same thing! 

The word “holy” is used 196 times in Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy.   We read of a holy day. Holy habitation.  Holy garments. Holy men. Holy offering.  And holy things. 

It is summed up with God’s command to Israel in Leviticus 11:44.  “For I am the Lord your God. You shall therefore consecrate yourselves, and you shall be holy; for I am holy.”   

God expected His people to be holy.  Separate from pagans.  Set apart from sinners.  Sanctified in heart.  Mind.  And life.  

Even though we are not under the Old Law, the principle and precept of God’s holiness has not changed.  Peter quoted Moses and commanded Christians to be holy (1 Pet 1:21).  He said we are to be a holy nation.  A holy Priesthood.  And to engage in holy conduct. 

And how do we achieve that?  Look to Jesus.  He is our example. Follow in His footsteps.  Develop His mind-set.  

George Hodges expressed it this way. “To know Christ is the way to grow in holiness. Christianity is not a religion of rules. It is the religion of the divine example. Try to follow the blessed steps of the most holy life. Take His advice. Ask yourself, in the moment of perplexity or temptation, what would He do if He were here? Nothing else will so surely lead us into the way of holy living.”  

Holy living is hard today.  It goes against our culture.  It’s not popular. It’s not the norm.  It calls for commitment. Self-sacrifice.  And nobler aspirations.  Wait a minute!  Those same things could be said in Moses’ day as well!  The reality is this.  It’s always been a challenge to be different.  To live right. And seek the things of God.  Our society is really not unique in that regard. 

It will be easier to shun temptation, overcome evil and say “no” to Satan’s allurements, when we commit to being “ partakers of his holiness” and to “perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” 

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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2 responses to “An Important Word From Moses

  1. theoddcoupleblogcom

    How cool that you left a fingerprint on a child today and explained to them what holy means and accomplishes.


  2. Mavhuto

    Christianity is a practical thing not theory Matt 7:21.


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