In Memory of My Mother

      Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Some of you received flowers.  A nice card.  Maybe candy.  And of course, it’s a time to take Mom  out to eat!  But I hope you all remembered to give your mother the gift of honor.  “Honor your mother” is commanded from the apostle Paul in Ephesians 6:2.   The word “honor” means to esteem, to revere, to value, or to venerate. 

      My Mom, Mattie Weliever,  passed from this life on December 29, 2009, but I continue to honor her. While my reasons may be  different from yours, here is why I hold my Mom’s memory is such high esteem. 

      My Mom was a “stay at home”  mom.”  At the time, I never thought much about it.  That’s just the way it was back then.  Some mothers worked outside the home, but most didn’t.  So, my mom was at home in the morning to see me off to school and to be there when I arrived home to hear about my day.  

      My Mom was a faithful Christian.  She modeled before me the way a Christian ought to live.  No, she wasn’t perfect, but she was always pressing on the upward way.  She put the Lord first in her life.  It was seen in her commitments to church attendance, Bible reading, and daily living. 

      I remember many occasions of getting up for school and seeing my mother’s Bible open at the kitchen table.  She had been reading and studying between the time Dad left for work and the time for me to awake for school.  That example is more powerful than any lecture on “doing your Bible reading.” 

      My Mom taught me right from wrong.  She taught me there are some words you don’t say.  She never excused  the things I did that were wrong.  Instead, she corrected me.  Mom taught me how to treat other people.  She taught me manners.  She gave me a Biblical value system to live by. 

      My Mom taught me respect.  She taught me to respect teachers, older people, and those in authority.  She taught me to respect my Dad.  When Dad would leave work for me to do, Mom always made it a point to see that I carried it out like Dad wanted it done. 

      My Mom extended hospitality to the brethren.  We got to know preachers who came for meetings.  We had positive association with other  Christians.  I can even remember Dad bringing home someone “passing through” and Mom fixing them a meal. 

      My Mom was a faithful companion to my Dad.  She was the perfect “helper” to him. She complimented him so well. She was a great elder’s wife, trusted partner, and a valuable co-worker. 

      My Mom taught me how to work.   Mom was a keeper at home and a worker at home.  But not just inside the house, she worked in the garden and the field.  And until I was old enough, she took care of feeding the pigs and cows.  She  modeled before me a good work ethic.  And expected me to work. 

      My Mom encouraged me.  She encouraged me in my activities. I remember when I ran cross-country how sore my ankles were.  Every day after practice she would prepare hot salt water for me to soak my feet in.  And she always encouraged me to do my best and not to give up. When I started giving talks as a teenager and then preaching for small churches.  I vividly remember standing in the living room, using my Dad’s desk as a pulpit, practicing a lesson before an audience of one person–my mother.  She always offered a constructive critique, helpful advice and wise counsel. 

      My Mom was an example of service to others.  She was always willing to give. To share. To help others.  She took meals to others, gave rides to the doctor, visited the sick, took people to church, called those who needed encouragement and did whatever she could.  My Mom was a great example of a humble, sacrificial, selfless person. 

      My Mom was a mom to my wife.  Norma Jean always thought of her as her own mother, not a mother-in-law. That relationship was a tribute to both my mom and to Norma Jean.         

      God blessed me with a wonderful Mother.  I miss her.  But I cherish the good times we had and memories we made. Indeed “the memory of the righteous is blessed.”

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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9 responses to “In Memory of My Mother

  1. Judy Bertram

    Wonderful tribute to your mom. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Camille Corley

    You were so blessed to have such a wonderful example in your life. What a loving tribute to her. Thank you for sharing it. Love, Camille

  3. Billie

    I was blessed to know Mattie in Florida. She was everything you say and I enjoyed my time with her and loved her also.

  4. Linda Baughn

    Wonderful article Ken,. As you know, we knew your family when you were a “little” boy. She was a wonderful example as a wife, mother, and a christian. We still miss her.

  5. Ruth Conger

    Amen to everything you said about Mattie! I loved your mother.

  6. R. E Harris

    Ken: Your mom and dad were super good friends to me. I will always remember them fondly!

  7. Reblogged this on ThePreachersWord and commented:

    Thinking about my mother today. This is the 6th Mother’s Day, since her passing. I miss her very much. But am blessed with great memories. And share in her hope of eternal life. Here is a post I wrote 3 years ago in memory and honor of my Mom.

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