Finding An Excuse To Sin

“Dozens of UK Fans Arrested Swiftly” read an AP news headline on Tuesday.

This was a result of fans celebrating Kentucky’s NCAA basketball championship over Kansas Monday night.

Police say doctors amputated the foot of a man who was shot in the leg during raucous celebrations of Kentucky’s NCAA basketball championship in Lexington.

Lexington police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts says 31-year-old Harold Calloway remained hospitalized Tuesday afternoon. He was shot around 2 a.m. as Kentucky fans were celebrating in the streets.

Police had also handed out numerous citations, many for alcohol-related offenses, Roberts said. People were also arrested on such charges such as criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and setting fires.

Lexington fire officials said about 56 fire runs were made in the area where fans had gathered.

Lexington Police Chief Ronnie Bastin said some revelers Saturday night acted in a ”dangerous and criminal” way by setting fires, overturning cars and hurling bottles into the air. Police used pepper spray in small amounts for crowd control after thousands of rowdy fans swarmed into the streets.

I’m sure that this is not representative of most UK fans. However, if UK had lost, there undoubtedly would have been the same revelry. That seems to be the norm today following a championship game.

I think it’s just an excuse to sin.

In the aftermath of hurricane Kristina’s devastating assault on the Gulf Coast in 2005, people were plundering stores. They were not just taking food or water for survival, but televisions, shoes and electronic equipment. Some used this tragedy as an excuse to sin.

The city of New Orleans is known as a “party town” Ironically, as a part of an age-old religious celebration, Mardi Gras is a time for some to get drunk, expose themselves and engage in all manner of lewdness. It is an excuse to sin.

Gasparilla day in Tampa has caused concern by city leaders at the number of intoxicated people who are a threat to those on the parade route. Hey, its Gasparilla, Let’s get drunk! It is an excuse to sin.

While most of us abhor such an attitude, we need to be careful that we don’t use events, people or situations as an excuse to sin.

A husband is unfaithful to his wife. When the sordid affair comes to light, he says it was her fault. She’s wasn’t a good wife. She didn’t meet his needs. Adultery is then justified. An excuse to sin.

Someone slights us in some way in word or deed, and we “go off.” Angry words are uttered, ungodly actions are manifested. When the heat subsides, the excuse is offered, “he made me so angry.” An excuse to sin.

We feel a professor is unreasonable. His tests are too difficult. His demands excessive. His expectations are too high. Others are cheating. It will affect the curve. So, we cheat. We rationalize, I had no choice, others were too. An excuse to sin.

Let us all take responsibility for our actions. Celebrating is not an excuse to sin. Tragedy is not an excuse to sin. Unkind people, difficult situations or unfortunate circumstances are not an excuse to sin.

—Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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6 responses to “Finding An Excuse To Sin

  1. Judy Bertram

    Wonderful post today. It happens way too often. I appreciate these posts and have been using them for further study during the day. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by many!

  2. Mark Russell

    Keep up your good work brother.

  3. Anita Paschall

    It has been that way from the beginning…Adam blamed Eve!! good article.

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