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Memorial Day Reflections 2022

“I think those of us who follow Jesus Christ would do well to find ways to soberly reflect on the original intent of Memorial Day,” suggested Kentucky preacher Bob Russell.

While Memorial Day is not a religious holy day, it is an American holiday with deep significance honoring those who sacrificed their lives serving and defending our country. Continue reading

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Memorial Day Quotes 2021

“If you woke up in America this morning, you hit the jackpot. Let us honor the brave souls that sacrificed to make that freedom possible,” posted my friend Matt Andrews on facebook today.

Although I said Saturday, there would be no new post today, my facebook and email messages inspired me to share a few quotes and messages I’ve read today.

I hope they will inspire you as well. And help us remember the significance of this holiday. Continue reading


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Memorial Day Memories 2020

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. It is a national holiday to honor the memory of fallen soldiers.

There is no clear record when or where this holiday began. Over two dozen cities and towns lay claim to the birth place of Memorial Day. There is evidence that women’s groups in the South began decorating the graves of Confederate Soldiers before the end of the Civil War. Continue reading

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