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Sin: The Greatest Problem of Mankind

My friend and preaching colleague, Wilson Adams called it “Symptomatology.” I thought he made it up. But it’s a real word. A medical word. But Wilson defined it as “treating symptoms instead of the real problem.”

“Truth is,” Wilson wrote in a recent facebook post, “we are becoming quite numb to school, church, and public killings. Immersed in a culture of violence, we are witnessing a lost generation without conscience moorings.”

“Why?” He asks. Continue reading


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Does Anyone Believe in Sin?


Several months after moving to Kansas City my friend, Dick Harmon, gave me an autographed copy of Dr. Karl Menninger’s classic book, “Whatever Became of Sin?”

Dr. Menninger, a well-known and highly respected Psychiatrist, wrote that “The very word ’sin,’ which seems to have disappeared, was a proud word. It was once a strong word, an ominous and serious word. It described a central point in every civilized human being’s life plan and lifestyle. But the word went away. It has almost disappeared—the word, along with the notion.”

“Why?” asks Dr. Menninger. “Doesn’t anyone sin any more? Doesn’t anyone believe in sin?”  Continue reading


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