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What’s The Difference Between Accountability and Responsibility?

I’m working on a three-part series called “The Character of a Man.”  I began  listing words that had to do with character to see if I could make the series into an acrostic spelling C H A R A C T E R.  (I know that’s a big surprise to those who know me well!)

I was trying to decide between“responsibility” and “accountability.” As I was talking to my wife, Norma Jean, about the project she said, “You know there’s a difference between accountability and responsibility?”  Continue reading


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He Lived Life in all its Fullness: My Eulogy for Gary Baughn

I will never forget when Gary stood before the church family to give a Wednesday night invitation talk. His message was about influence based on Matthew 5:14-16 where Jesus says, “You are the light of the world.” To make his point, he had someone turn out all the lights in the building. It was dark. Pitch dark. You couldn’t see Gary. Or anyone around you. Then he lighted a candle. And that single little flame provided so much light. You could see Gary and those around you. He made his point in dramatic fashion. Continue reading


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Hedi Tomassi was a server on her first day of her new job at Applebee’s in Olathe, Kansas.  She sure needed the work.  Hedi and her husband, Joe, were a 20something couple with a pile of medical bills.  Their son, Griffin, was born in July was a heart defect that required surgery one day after he was born. Two weeks later there was another operation.  But the defect was not repaired.  And the baby only had a few weeks to live. To make matters worse, Joe was fired from his job when he asked for some time off.  Continue reading


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