Remember Who You Are

I don’t remember when I first heard it. But I remember who said it. And where I heard it.

Dee Bowman was preaching in a gospel meeting where I was located. In the course of his sermon on Christian Living, he related advice that he gave to his son, Russ, when he was a teenager and would leave the house with his friends. Continue reading


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2Corinthians 5:1-8

Her father died in infancy. When she was four years old she was left paralyzed following a spinal infection that rendered her an invalid She lived her life in a wheelchair. And suffered the uncertain ravages of the Civil War. But Jennie Bain Wilson lived a productive and joyful life as she grew up in rural Indiana.

In 1881, at age 25 she was carried into a creek in her wheelchair and baptized into Christ. She wrote, “It gave me much joy to thus confess my dear Savior.” Continue reading


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Some Reflections on the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Yesterday I joined an estimated 7 billion people around the world who watched at least portions of the Queen’s funeral.

Watching the pomp and pageantry unfolding beneath the magnificent gothic arches of Westminster Abbey, a myriad of thoughts and feelings swirled around within me. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Brotherly Affection

“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our natural lives,” penned C. S. Lewis in The Four Loves.

In this book Lewis summarizes the four types of human love as he views them from a Christian perspective. Family love. Friendship love. Romantic love. And unconditional “God love.” Continue reading


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Weekly Recap: September 12-16

Good morning from Beverly Hills, Florida

After an extended “weekend” in Dallas where we saw many old friends and enjoyed speaking at the Legacy Weekend for the Campbell Road Church,  it’s good to be home for a little while. BTW, if you would like to listen to those lesson by myself and Max Dawson, click here. 

Tomorrow I’m preaching at the West Citrus Church in Crystal River, where we worship when we’re home.  Next Sunday, (Sept. 25th) we will be in Orlando where I’m speaking for the South Bumby Church at both morning services.  We’d love to see any of our friends in that area who are able to visit Continue reading

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Friday’s List to Live By #100

“What are my highest priorities in life?” asked the American statesman, philosopher, and inventor Benjamin Franklin when he was only 22 years old.

From his introspection, he developed 12 virtues that would serve as his governing values which he conceived as a “bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection.”

When He shared them with a Quaker friend, seeking his opinion, he suggested that Franklin overlooked one important virtue which became #13, with a simple four word description.

Today’s list is Franklin’s list with his brief explanation. Continue reading

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The Danger of Elevating Politics Over the Gospel

“When we put our trust in the political system to change society, when we become more consumed with winning the elections than winning the lost, when we marry the Gospel with politics, when our Christianity becomes an appendage to a political party, we have confused politics with the Gospel,” warned Dr. Michael Brown.

Brown, a Christian apologist, author and radio host, was recently a guest on CNB’s Faith vs Culture and expressed this concern that too many Christians have mixed up politics with the gospel. Continue reading


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Hebrews 9:27-28

Cal Thomas, related in a recent post watching BBC and the Sky News coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s death. Thomas admitted he was surprised by two things.

“The first is that so many people interviewed were shocked at the Queen’s death.”

“Why should they be shocked?” Thomas wondered. “She was 96 years old and in failing health.” Continue reading

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When a Good Man Sins

Yesterday’s post regarding legacy promoted this response and query from a reader.

He shared a story about a church leader he knew who used his time, talent and resources to build the church in his community. This involved his physical as well as spiritual efforts. He was highly respected within the church and the community at large.

However, an egregious sin brought shame and reproach not only upon on him, but on the church where he had labored for so many years and had made such a profound difference. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Legacy

This past weekend I have been privileged to be a part of the Legacy Weekend with Max Dawson at the Campbell Road Church in Garland, Texas (in the Dallas area).

Rickie Jenkins serves as both a preacher and one of the Shepherds for this vibrant church along with a fine young preacher, Jordan Shouse.

On Sunday morning Rickie reflected on his 30+ years with this church which has been in existence for 60 years. The church has grown significantly through the years and numbers today around 400. But their strength is not in their numbers but in their spiritual development. Their discipleship. Their relationship with one another and the Lord. Continue reading


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