Great Verses of the Bible: Jeremiah 20:9

Yesterday was a wonderful day even though it was rainy and cloudy in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

At the invitation of Andy Mitchell, I accompanied him and his friend and new convert, Keith, to the Carolina Preachers Study in Ashville. My friend Joe Greer and his son-in-law, Ben Walker organized the study with over 20 preachers attending. The theme was based on the book of Jeremiah.

It was a time of pleasant association and edifying study. We were encouraged on several levels to learn personal lessons of persistence, dedication, and determination from this great prophet of God. Continue reading

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My Future Plans

We are now four months into this new chapter of our lives combining travel with ministry and preaching opportunities. We have been to 16 states and 8 countries.

I have been blessed to preach 43 times and teach 18 classes. Currently, we are enjoying the Blue Ridge Mountains as we travel to Kettering, Ohio, for a gospel meeting. Following that, we’re headed to the Smoky Mountains and I will preach in Cosby, Tennessee, on October 21.

In November we will return to Florida and spend the month in Pinellas County and are scheduled to speak for the Henderson Boulevard church on the 4th and then speak one Sunday at the Skyview Church. Continue reading


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Word of the Week: Passion

In his excellent book “Renewing Your Spiritual Passion,”Gordon MacDonald makes this observation about passion. “It is hard to measure and difficult to pin down. But you know when you have it, and you are quite aware when you don’t.”

MacDonald continues, “One feels passion; it seizes you! Passion stimulates human performance: superior or excellent performance, strange or bizarre performance, compassionate or sacrificial performance.” Continue reading


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A Serious Admonition To Bible Teachers

In a recent interview with CBN News, Dr James Dobson issued this warning, “May we be careful with the way we speak and think and talk against those who are opposed to everything we believe. You have to maintain a spirit of charity and love, and God will bless us if we do.

Dobson’s words ring particularly true this morning as I read from James 3 this sobering admonition. “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.” Continue reading


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A Tribute To Tyndale

On this date in history, October 4, 1537, the first complete English-language Bible was printed, with translations by William Tyndale and Miles Coverdale.

Inspired by a copy of Martin Luther’s German Bible, Tyndale began translating the New Testament into English about 1522 using the Greek text compiled by Erasmus, which was older than the Latin Vulgate.

When Tyndale’s intention was made known to the Bishop of London, he was officially denied permission, so under the threat of being labeled a heretic, he was forced to flee England, but persisted in his efforts. Continue reading


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Great Verses of the Bible: James 1:26

Confederate General Robert E. Lee was once asked what he thought of a fellow officer–one who had made some mean-spirited remarks about him.

Lee thought for a moment, then rated him as being very satisfactory.

The person who asked the question seemed troubled. “But General, I guess you don’t know what he’s been saying about you.” Continue reading

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Examine Yourself

Last Thursday during the Senate hearing regarding the charge of sexual assault, which he has vehemently denied,  Judge Brett Kavanaugh was questioned extensively about his drinking habits. He appeared annoyed by the intense scrutiny and in turn asked the Senators about their drinking habits. Of course, they weren’t the ones being investigated and declined to engage in that discussion.

As I was reading 2 Corinthians 13 this morning I thought how much easier it is to examine other people instead of ourselves. In this text, Paul issues this challenge. Continue reading


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