Weekly Recap May 29-June 3

Good morning from Parkersburg, WVA.

I’m in a weekend meeting at the Marrtown Road church presenting my series on Home Improvement. It’s my first time here. So, we’re enjoying making new friends and sharing these vitally important topics.

From here, we’re heading over to Centerville, Ohio, where I’m speaking Tuesday night at the Cornerstone Church, beginning their summer series entitled, “Tough Questions on the Existence of God.”  My assignment is the keynote address that considers the question, “Does God Exist?”

If any of our readers are within driving distance of these two churches, we’d love to see you.

As usual, our Saturday post is a recap of the past week’s posts.  It’s an opportunity for you to catch up in case you’ve missed one.  It’s also a good way to share ThePreachersWord via email or social media.

Have a great day.  And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



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This post, “The Snake That Poisons,” published 9 years ago today, remains as relevant as the day it was written.  It is an issue that requires constant attention.  And it involves a temptation that is ever-present.  For. All. Of. Us.  Can you guess what it is?  “The Snake that Poisons”




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