Weekly Recap: May 22-27

Good morning from Beverly Hills,

Hope all of you are off to a great start with your Memorial Day Weekend.

Our blog post today is a recap of the past week’s posts.  We send this out as a way to help our readers catch in case they missed a post. It’s also a good way for you to share ThePreachersWord either by email or on social media.

The most popular post of the week was “Is Your Church a Red Door Church?  If you missed it,  It was followed by “What America Needs.”  If you missed either one, I encourage you to read them.  And also to share with others.  Based on reader reaction, both touched a nerve that was beneficial.

Have a great day.  And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



Looking In Four Directions



Word of the Week: Discipleship



Is “Your Church” a “Red Door” Church?




A Passage To Ponder: Psalm 34:18



What America Needs



Friday’s List To Live By #86



What’s America’s Greatest Problem? was a post published 9 years ago today.  It speaks to some of the very issues we’ve been writing about this week.  Most of you have never seen this post.  And, even if you have, well, it’s been 9 years…it’s worth reading again.






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One response to “Weekly Recap: May 22-27

  1. Peggy Hobbs

    Ken, this was true 9 years ago and still true today. Sin is the greatest problem with our country. I’m afraid most people don’t know the definition nor care to learn. Our country is crumbling in a hurry and I pray people will wake up before it’s too late.


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