Weekly Recap: September 26-October 1

Good Morning from Beverly Hills, Florida

“Are you still traveling?’ I’m occasionally asked.

The answer is  “Not full-time, but, yes, as we have the opportunity.”

October offers several opportunities and finds us away from home for about 2/3 of the month.  We’re leaving today for Memphis, Tennesse, where I began a meeting tomorrow with the East Shelby Church in Collierville. The theme is “Christianity 101:  Bible Basics for the 21st Century.”  If you’re in driving distance, we’d love to see ya’

Today’s post is a weekly recap of the past week’s posts for the benefit of those who have missed a post and would like to catch up.  Based on the numbers, apparently, this is a helpful feature for our readers.  As always, thanks for your continued support and constant encouragement.

Have a good day.  And a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



Sunday Seed Thoughts: Preaching that Connects



Word of the Week: Advice




Glorifying God





A Passage to Ponder:  Psalm 130



Three Life Lessons from “The Sultan of Swat’



Friday’s List To Live By #58






This post from 9 years ago today was written when we lived in Lees Summit, MO.  I think you will enjoy it and relate to my personal reflections, especially as we are moving into the Fall of the year.  Click here to read, “What I Saw From My  Deck.



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