Sunday Seed Thoughts: Seeing Sundays Differently


What does Sunday mean to you?

Some people grew up where Sunday was just another day of the week. Nothing special.

Others look at Sunday as a day to enjoy sports. To watch football or basketball.

For some Sunday is a day to play hard, engaging in some form of recreation. And ending the day exhausted.

Maybe for others, it’s a day to get caught up on work around the house.

Christians intellectually know God didn’t create Sunday for any of these reasons. It’s a special day to worship HIM. Yet, if we’re not careful the feeling of mandatory attendance can make Sunday feel like an obligation we must fulfill. A duty we’re demanded to meet. A responsibility that’s our burden to bear.

What if we looked at Sundays differently?

What if we saw Sunday as a day…

…To reconnect with God when He may have become distant and nebulous in our lives.

…To remember there are so many things more important than work, recreation, and sports.

…To acknowledge our utter dependence on Him.

…To reflect on what’s really important in life.

…To connect with our family on a deeper spiritual level.

…To join with those of shared faith and common values to encourage one another.

…To participate in a wonderful opportunity, instead of discharging a rigid requirement.

…To enjoy a respite from the world’s cares, pressures, and problems.

…To recognize the answers to our greatest needs are not political, social or economic, but spiritual.

…To refocus on our most important priorities in life.

…To reaffirm our trust in God’s providential care regardless of the politics of the day.

…To celebrate and memorialize the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus in a personal way.

…To say “thank you, Lord,” for His bountiful spiritual blessings.

…To translate the Truth we hear and emotions we feel into the life we live.

What if we saw Sundays differently? I wonder how it would affect our Mondays?

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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2 responses to “Sunday Seed Thoughts: Seeing Sundays Differently

  1. Philip North

    Godd article as always, Brother Ken! I have believed for many years that to follow what is in the Bible SOLELY because it is in the Bible is to miss the spiritual beauty of why we should follow that book. After all, the Bible does mention the JOYS of being a Christian, not merely the OBLIGATIONS of being one. Being righteous does not solely mean being rigid.

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