Friday’s List To Live By #24

We began this weekly column to give our blog a little variety with a succinct, easy to read, and bullet-point post.

Hopefully, you’re finding these lists provide food for thought. Challenge your thinking. Deepen your faith. Strengthen your relationships. And enrich your life.

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Today’s list is adapted from author Barbara Johnson and offers encouragement to show God’s love to others.


 To SPEAK a healing word to a broken heart.

 To EXTEND a hand to one who has fallen.

 To GIVE a smile to those whose laughter has been lost.

 To ENCOURAGE the dreamer who has given up.

 To SHARE the painful solitude of one who is alone.

 To EASE the burden of one bent low beneath a thankless task.

 To REASSURE the doubter and reinforce the believer.

 To LIGHT the candle of God’s Word in the midst of another darkest night.

Find someone today, a friend, neighbor, relative, fellow believer, or even a total stranger, and share and show them the love of God.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman

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