Weekly Recap: January 10-15

Good morning from Temple Terrace, Florida,

We’re here for the month of January.  Enjoying time with our daughter and our grandkids.  Seeing old friends.  And looking forward to speaking in chapel at my Alma Mater, Florida College on January 25th.

This week’s recap features two posts that speak to the civil unrest we’ve experienced and the Christian’s response and attitude toward it.  Also, there’s a post from 2016 that is relevant to the divided state of our country.

Based on the numbers, our readers are finding this recap helpful to catch up on any missed posts.  Also, it’s a good way for you to share ThePreachersWord with friends or family via email or special media.

I’m beginning to fill in my 2021 calendar, but due to COVID issues, border closings, and some uncertainty, several dates are not yet confirmed.  However, we’ve published what we know at this point and will update as soon as possible. Click here to see where we will be in the coming weeks.

Hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



Sunday Seed Thoughts:  Remembrance



Word of the Week: Peaceable




A Chaplin’s Prayer for America



A Passage To Ponder:  Mark 8:13-22



Reaching Foward:  Don’t Look Back



Friday’s List To Live By # 22




When I wrote this post in September 2016, Why the United States of America is Not United, I didn’t think we could become any more divided.  The recent election and current events suggest we are even more divided today. Why?  What are the root causes?  And what can a Christian do?  While there may be additional factors, the fundamental causes are not only unchanged but more pronounced.  Click here, to read.  Then spend a moment in prayer for America.





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