Yearly Recap 2020

Good morning from sunny Florida

We begin 2021 in a very familiar place to us–Temple Terrace.  It’s where Norma Jean and I met in 1967 when I was a student at Florida College.  We are spending the month of January here as we finalize plans to secure a home for a permanent resident, which we will be announcing later.

We will be returning to Citrus county tomorrow where I’m preaching for the West Citrus church as well as on January 24th and 31st.  So, I have two openings this month, if any church in the area needs a guest speaker.

Normally, this spot is for our weekly recap of posts, but since we’ve been doing a reposting of the top 10 posts for 2020 this week,  we will offer some additional posts that you might be interested in, especially our newer readers.

Hope you have a good day and a wonderful weekend.

God bless




In case you’ve missed the top 10 posts for 2020, here a link to those posts.






Ironically, our theme for the year was 20/20 Vision:  Restoring Our Focus. However, the real thrust of the 20/20 theme wasn’t really about the year 2020. A specific sermon series. Material plans. Or even overt, seeable objectives realized. 20/20 vision, spiritually speaking, has to do with seeing the unseen. The point of these posts is equally applicable for 2021.  And beyond.   Click here to link the theme posts on this topic.


We’ve written a good bit regarding issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, click this link to access all of these posts.





Here are 3 posts that missed the top ten, which you will find encouraging and edifying.


10 Bible Admonitions To Encourage Us.




20/20 Vision. COVID-19.  And Seeing the Unseen



9 Post-Election Things I Know



Here are 2 posts in the top 10 in terms of readers’ views that were written prior to 2020 which were popular this year. 


Attributes of God from A-Z




This, Too, Shall Pass





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