Weekly Recap: November 1-6

Good morning from Homosassa, Florida

After 4 gospel meetings in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana, plus two other preaching appointments, we’re back in Florida for the winter, Lord willing.

Our first stop was to see our grandkids Miles and Katherine and then tomorrow to see Roy and Fern.

This week’s posts have received a higher number of hits due to our posts relative to the election.  This recap has quick links for you to catch up on any you may have missed.  Also, it’s a good opportunity to forward this post and share ThePreachersWord with others

Also, I’ve included a bonus “election” post I think you will find worth your consideration.

Have a good day and a wonderful weekend.

God bless,



Sunday Seed Thoughts: Time



Word of the Week: Believe



Chaos or Calm?




9 Post Election Things I Know



A Trip Down Memory  Lane




Friday’s List to Live By #15




Four years ago today, we were on the eve of the 2016 Presidential election, I used “election” as the word of the week, to discuss the most important election in your lifetime. It turns out that I was right!  This would be a good time for all our readers to revisit this important post.



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