Weekly Recap: September 13-18

Good morning from Indian Shores Beach

We’ve had a wonderful week at one of our favorite places.  Now, we’re heading over to Temple Terrace to spend a few days with our kids and grandkids before we journey North for our Fall meetings.

Since COVID-19 canceled our Spring and Summer meetings, we’re excited to return to this work.  Meetings and preaching appointments this Fall take us to Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and back to Florida,

Check here for the exact schedule. 

In case you missed one, here’s a weekly recap of the week’s posts

Have a great week and a wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow

God bless



Sunday Seed Thoughts:  Open



Word of the Week:  Consistency





Worship is a Witness to the Unbeliever




A Passage To Ponder:  1 Corinthians 15:58




A Fly in the Ointment




Comfort One Another




As a bonus, here’s a past post from 8 years ago on this date that has a relevant application to our current climate, political polarization, and general unrest.

Getting Ahead By Getting Along


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