Friday’s List To Live By #7

If you missed the first six in this series, click here to check out these succinct lists on various areas of life.

Today’s list is condensed from Tim Kimmel’s “Legacy of Love” about teaching integrity to your children.

10 Ways To Teach Your Children Integrity

1. Drive the speed limit

2. Never ask your child to lie for you.

3. Apologize when you wrong your children.

4. Send them into the store with more money than they need to buy a particular item. When they come out, see if they offer the change.

5. Never tolerate even the smallest lie.

6. Pick someone out of the newspaper who committed a crime, and ask the kid’s opinion about it.

7. Fathers, never allow your sons (or daughters) to be disrespectful to their mother.

8. Set up tasks that require their follow through without supervision and see if they carry out instructions on their own.

9. Take your children to visit their ancestors’ graves. If you know any anecdotes about these ancestors, take time to share a few stories.

10. Have them memorize twenty Bible verses on integrity.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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2 responses to “Friday’s List To Live By #7

  1. Very helpful points! ❤️


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