Friday’s List to Live By #1


We all love to make lists.

To do lists.
Shopping lists.
Bucket lists.
Check lists.
Prayer lists.
Wish lists.
Gift lists.
Reading lists.
Play lists.
Password lists.
Well, the list of lists is endless

To give our blog a little variety with a succinct, easy to read, and bullet-point post, we’re going to experiment with a new weekly column: Friday’s List to Live By.

The inspiration comes from a book of lists that claims it’s “The Christian Collection for Everything that Really Matters.”

For the next 13 weeks, we plan to share short thoughts from 13 different topic areas: Faith. Growth. God. Worship. Prayer. Marriage. Family. Community. Success. Wisdom. Virtue. Comfort. And hope.

It’s our desire that these lists provide food for thought. Challenge your thinking. Deepen your faith. Strengthen your relationships. And enrich your life. Let us know how you like them. Hopefully, we can make this a regular weekly feature.

We begin with a piece from an unknown author based on John 3:16.


“God”…The greatest Lover

“So loved”…The greatest degree

“The world”…The greatest company

“That He gave”…The greatest act

“His only begotten Son”…The greatest gift

“That whosoever”…The greatest opportunity

“Believeth”….The greatest simplicity

“In Him”…The greatest Person

“Should not perish”…The greatest deliverance

“But”….The greatest difference

“Have”….The greatest certainty

“Everlasting Life”…The greatest possession

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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7 responses to “Friday’s List to Live By #1

  1. BJ Stanton

    Great idea! I leverage lists in many aspects of my life, and I look forward to seeing how this complements your other posts.


  2. DAVID Kinghorn

    Great idea. I have been a list maker all the way back to a Franklin planner


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  5. God is the greatest lover who embraces, sustains, loves, cherishes and shares his everlasting life with the world…and their one and only begotten human race!


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