Weekly Recap: May 31-June 6

Hello from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Norma Jean and I are enjoying the week here as we journey toward Glacier National Park.  And then hopefully the Canadian border will open and we will be able to join our Northern brethren in fellowship and ministry.

The week has been difficult for so many Americans.  Of all races.  We’re experiencing so many emotions.  Empathy for the hurting.  Disgust at racial prejudice.  Abhorrence at the attitude and actions of law enforcement officer who is supposed to serve and protect. Horror at the looting and rioting.  Fear for our personal safety.  And concern for the direction and future of our country.  In the midst of a confusing and perplexing time, we have tried our best to shed light and not generate heat in respect to current events.

While each post was written this week with the background of our present distress in mind, Monday’s and Tuesday’s posts particularly address our current racial tensions.  If you missed them, I hope you will take time to read,  reflect and share them with others.  Feel free to use these posts, based on our requested guidelines.

Let’s all pray for peace.  Display an attitude of compassion, care and concern for others.  And seek opportunities to do good and minister to others in the name of Jesus.

God bless.




Word of the Week: Justice




What Christians Can Do During Civil Unrest?




A Passage To Ponder: Deuteronomy 6:4-9





Lord, Give Me Wisdom



Waving The  Bible



As a bonus post, here’s one from August 2017, “The Biblical Answer To Racism,” that was written following the awful events in Charlottesville, VA.



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  1. Amen. I pray for Peace and the Love of God to flood people’s hearts and minds and for the situations to subdue with His grace.


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