Priceless Scribbles

Children are on my mind this week, as we enjoy time with our grandchildren. This post was penned 6 years ago, 2 years before the first one was born. It takes on special meaning this morning as I’ve been up since 5 AM trying to comfort little Katernine Joy and watch her attempt to scribble in one of my books! Enjoy!


I recently came across a true story by Richard Fairchild that was published many years ago in the Christian Reader. It was called “Priceless Scribbles.” He tells about a father who touched his son’s life in a unique and unexpected way.

A young boy watched as his father walked into the living room. He noticed that his younger brother, John, began to cower slightly as their dad entered. The older boy sensed that John had done something wrong. Then he saw from a distance what his brother had done. The younger boy had opened his father’s brand new hymnal and scribbled all over the first page with a pen.

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  1. Larry Hafley

    My tears often fell on the pages of scribbles we preserved…. 


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