Post #1300. Should This Be The Last?


Good morning!

It was 56 months ago that we launched this blog, ThePreachersWord, as a means to expand our ministry. We started with no readers, no posts, and no “hits.”

Today, according to WordPress we have 3,673 followers and 156 topics categorized for easy reference. ThePreachersWord has been read in 190 countries and territories around the world! Our posts have been reblogged. Copied for bulletin articles. Used for short talks. And delivered as Lord supper devotions.

Now, we have reached another milestone. This is post #1300. So, I wonder is it time to quit. Let me share a few reasons why it makes sense to discontinue this endeavor.

(1) I make mistakes.

Lots of mistakes. My readers have been very kind to overlook grammatical errors. Typos. And misspelled words. Once in writing about marriage I meant to affirm that God’s plan was between one man and one woman. Unfortunately, I left off the letters “wo” on woman. A kind reader called it to my attention. And the mistake was quickly corrected. But I can’t seem to write the perfect post. So, maybe it’s time to quit.

(2) Other writers are better than I am.

I marvel at the writing ability of some of my colleagues. There are many who write blogs, post on facebook and publish on line magazines who are far more talented than I am. I am in awe of their skill. Their creativity. Their analytical insights. Since, I’m not as good as some of them, maybe I should discontinue this feeble effort, and leave the writing to those more talented.

(3) Some people criticize my posts.

Not everyone likes what I write. Some disagree with the content. Others question my conclusions. And I’ve learned that there are readers who are not fond of my writing style. Since I want everyone to be happy with my blog, it makes sense to it give up.

(4) Sometimes I fail to live up to what I write.

It’s embarrassing. But true. As I challenge others to live godly, think more nobly, and serve with greater dedication, I realize I fall short. Too often. I must admit that I’m not perfect. Maybe it would be better not to be blogger until I can be better.

(5) Blogging requires a great deal of effort and takes a lot of time.

In the past 4 ½ years, I have spent roughly 3,000 hours researching, writing, and posting my blog. That’s 125 days! Think of all the fun things I could have been doing besides blogging? And considering the first four reasons, the fifth makes perfect sense.

So, I guess I should quit. Right?

Not really.

I’m not quitting. At least, not yet.

But the above “reasons” have often been offered as a justification for quitting the church. Quitting the Lord. Quitting on a relationship. Or just quitting on life. They’re not valid reasons. They’re excuses. I hope by looking at them through a different lens that you will conclude that you should never ever give up on your faith.

While ThePreachersWord is but a speck in the blogosphere, I hope it will help you just a little bit to hold on.  For whatever positive influence that we can exert, whatever good we can accomplish, and whatever reassurance we can offer,  we rejoice in the Lord and give Him the glory.

I appreciate the encouragement, comments, and questions  from our readers. Thanks to my wife, Norma Jean, who offers suggestions and proof reads many of the posts.

Although I’m not planning on quitting this blog, I am taking a break. Our annual anniversary break. So, for the next 9 days we will enjoy some R & R as we celebrate our 48th anniversary on an Alaskan cruise.

This year, however, I’m having some past posts reblogged while we’re away. They will be fresh for new readers. And hopefully be enjoyed again by our long time subscribers.

Thanks for your support of ThePreachersWord.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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31 responses to “Post #1300. Should This Be The Last?

  1. pwist

    Hey Ken. You had me going there for a bit. I appreciate your blogs. I hope you and Norma Jean are doing well and I hope you all have a wonderful trip. Linda and I took an Alaskan cruise in May and it was outstanding! Enjoy and be safe. Oh, and congrats on # 48.

    Phil Wist



  2. Nancy Albright

    Wow! You were scaring me there for a minute! Have a wonderful anniversary trip & much needed R&R. After all of these years, we still love you & Norma, and enjoy your posts. Love & Best Wishes Always, John & Nancy


  3. Mary Ann

    Happy Anniversary!


  4. julie davidson

    Dear Bro. Ken…sooo, #1300 blog entry, huh?! Wow, that IS a milestone…glad you just had us “going” there at the first of this one, though, and that you’re not quitting! I start almost every day out by reading your entries, and would truly miss them as a part of my spiritual enrichment time if you didn’t keep writing! Keep up the good work, and may God continue to speak through you in this endeavor! Happy Anniversary to you & Norma Jean! Have a blessed & JOYOUS day, today! 🙂 In His love, Julie


  5. Joe Ehlers

    Thanks for all the blogs Ken and thanks for keeping on keeping on. Enjoy the break and congrats with the anniversary!


  6. Rlb

    You’re just getting started, keep up the good work preacher!
    Thanks for the daily encouragement and thought provoking
    Articles. Hope y’all enjoy your trip, no excuses!


  7. I love your blog, I start everyday with it. Thank you so much for your time and dedication and mostly your faith. Have a wonderful R & R and thanks for running some blogs while you’re away.
    Mary Holland
    Mena, AR



    2 Tim. 4:7


  9. tommythornhill

    Enjoy your Alaskan cruise. Carol and I enjoyed our 50th anniversary on one in 2008. We also took a 4 day land cruise beforehand. Both were enjoyable. Also, I really appreciate your blog each morning and read them as I begin my day. Enjoyed visited Trenton FL on Aug.7. Not too people left that I knew in the early 60s.


  10. I personally have come to appreciate your blog more and more. It is my prayer that you do not give up this good work. I know it is difficult and you are drained many days just to try and come up with more things to say. Please take a rest but don’t give up on the blog. You are doing more good than you realize.


  11. Barry Hudson

    Thanks for the good work you’ve done in these blogs. Very informative
    and helpful. Always enjoy your optimism and good humor. You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. I appreciate the way you were always there for my
    family in Palmetto. Lots of memories. We must be getting older. Hope you and Norma have a happy anniversary.


  12. Steve Tidwell

    I always appreciate a little motivation, a little “pick me up” the first thing in the morning. I’m sure it is a lot of work but we do appreciate it!


  13. Ken… had me concerned for a few lines, but it was hard to believe. Glad I did not have to believe it. Long live the “Speck In The Blogosphere”. Appreciate your writings as do others with whom I share. Planning to us some excerpts in short talk at Kemper Heights tonight. Happy Anniversary to you and Norma Jean. Best to you, from Shirley and me. Billy Akin


  14. Congrats on 48 years! Thank you for not quitting. These posts are always an encouragement to me.


  15. Wade

    I’m glad you were just kidding. I enjoy your your blog first thing in the morning. It’s a great pick me up. I appreciate the work you put into it.
    Enjoy your vacation and happy anniversary.


  16. Ron Kochik

    WOW, you had me a little scared there for a minute Ken. Glad you’re not going to stop. I truly look forward to your wisdom and words of encourage each morning. Happy anniversary


  17. Billie

    Cal and I will miss your blog. Maybe when you come back you can do once a week. That will give you time and rest. We understand the aging process. Cal has finally decided to give up teaching ATC 5 days a week. Of course, he is in his mid 70’s. Enjoy Alaska – we spent 3 years there in the 60’s. Sure seemed like a lot longer to me. Had so many experiences, like moose, caribou, bears. etc. walking through the yard. You enjoy and let us inow when you want to timeshare in Branson again.


  18. Norman Webb

    Not cool, Ken 🙂 I don’t subscribe to many blogs – just 2-3 actually. I find yours worthy of my attention. Glad you will continue, but great way to illustrate the desire to quit and how to get passed it. Keep on blogging, brother.


  19. Cynthia Dillworth

    Wow, you scared me too Ken! Great points similar to the excuses why some quit the Lord’s church. I’m sorry some criticize you. Thank you for your posts! I hope you enjoy your time off.


  20. jackhere1953

    I really enjoy your blogs you are an inspiration to my life I miss you as a rotarian in Tampa North. Thanks for all your work. Jack

    Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE smartphone


  21. Tim Torno


    Like the others, you scared me a bit there. Very happy you will continue the daily exhortations from God’s Word. And have a GREAT time in my second favorite state!



  22. Sharon Davis

    Love your blog! This is our 48th also and I hope you have a great time in Alaska!


  23. Emily Keele

    Thank you so much for the HARD WORK of doing your daily blog. For anyone who doubts it’s hard, let them try. We look forward daily for you upbeat encouragement that we all need al we struggle to continue our Christian race. R&R and come back with a “full pen”.


  24. Chere Nijim

    What makes genuine Christians the real deal:
    “The people of God, today and always, are identified by something deeper than on their building or ‘party’ acceptance. They have first ‘given themselves’ to the Lord, so they may seem to confirm to the divine image. They hunger and thirst for righteousness; studying, praying, proving all things. They are drawn together by their by their common endeavor, and desire to do God’s bidding. They welcome your questions and constructive criticism for they are humbled by recognition of their imperfections, and they will ‘search the scriptures daily so God’s truth will prevail. They believe what they believe, and do what they do, because they are convinced by their study of God’s word that this is what God would have them believe and do. You will not be move them by appeals to popularity, praise of men, or material bribery. They are people of faith, they are people of hope and love. With steadfastness and confidence they move toward heaven and culmination of their fellowship with God in glory.

    Sent from my iPhone


  25. Heidi Pickett

    Although I’ve only commented on a handful of posts, I have read every one that you have posted since I signed up. You inspire & encourage others. I hope you will continue for a long time. We all understand the need time take a break from time to time. Congrats on your anniversary & enjoy your cruise!


  26. Shirley Wilson

    Ken, you jump start my mornings!!! Glad you not quitting . Enjoy your time away and the cruise!!



    Ken. Norma and I enjoy your posts and are pleased you are going to “keep writing”. Thanks so much; with anticipation for future posts; happy anniversary.

    Joe Thiele


  28. Gail Story

    I cannot believe it’s been 48 of marriage! I hope you both have a wonderful trip. Also, I am so happy you will continue writing. I always enjoy what you have to say. I always think of you two with much fondness from our Palmetto days, and will always cherish the fun memories we had together.


  29. Okpo Kingsley

    Hi Ken, thank God you are still there doing the good work. God has not quit the thrown, his grace is sufficient for you.


  30. Patting myself on the back because I realized where you were going about halfway through reading – and was relieved! Such a good application! Hope your anniversary trip has been wonderful, and glad you are not leaving us without the wisdom you have to offer. Will look forward to more of your thoughts.


  31. Maybe later I will find time to respond to some individual comments, but for now, let me just say “thank you” to each of you who have encouraged me and written to offer your support. I appreciate it.


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