The Gift and The Giver

“The gift without the giver is bare.”  —James Russell Lowell

These words by the America poet remind us of the importance of giving with the right spirit, and the right attitude, No one wants to receive a gift that is given by compulsion. But a gift given with care and consideration, with purpose and pleasure is one that is appreciated

Spiritually, God wants giving that is cheerful and eager. This is true of our time, talent or treasure. When we feel pressured to give out of a sense of duty rather than desire then the gift is without the giver and is bare.

Fortunately we have a great example of the right spirit, and the proper attitude. Jesus. He is the perfect embodiment of the gift and giver being one. He gave Himself. He gave his life. He gave it all. He emptied himself of his prerogatives, and his position to become a servant of mankind.

Today, on this Lord’s day, we are reminded of the gift and the giver. Of the Savior and the Sacrifice. Of the Cross and the Christ.

May God help us to possess His attitude and follow His actions.

—Ken Weliever,The Preacherman



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4 responses to “The Gift and The Giver

  1. I’d say that the majority of the gifts we receive might be without thought, and are bought out of panic/routine. But when I do get that one gift that means something it really feels amazing and makes me want to make more effort the next time I give one.


  2. Ken, as always, you make me think. I do recall times when I felt obligated to give a gift, and it can’t have been as satisfying to the recipient as if the giving had been heartfelt. There is also a class of gifts that we don’t really receive. What about that sweater Aunt Myrtle gave us for our last birthday, and on the shelf it sits? Is it *received* if we never wear it and think fondly of how kind and loving Aunt Myrtle was to honor us on our birthday? And as you say, Jesus gave himself for us. Yet many have yet to *receive* Him, His teachings, or His love. Perhaps their Bible sits on a shelf. By our faith-filled living, perhaps we remind them of the Gift. Thanks for the great post.


  3. Very true post as usual. When we give it should come from the heart, and not a sense of duty, that way both the one who receives, and the giver are both blessed.


  4. Excellent and thought-provoking post as usual! I encounter this concept especially at Christmas time. It’s usually easy to tell who spent time making or selecting a gift based on truly wanting to give and knowing what you like – versus someone who just randomly buys whatever is cheap, without much thought given to the recipient.


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