Sunday Seed Thoughts: Relevant

Seed Thoughts

We often hear the plea for preachers to make the Bible relevant to our modern culture. I think I know what is meant by that statement. However, we don’t have to “make the Bible relevant,” it is relevant. It is pertinent to the problems of our day.

There are answers to the issues we face today in the 21st century. The complex moral and ethical concerns with which learned men grapple can be solved by seeking God’s eternal Truth.

Today, I begin a series of Bible lessons in Anderson, Indiana, where my good friend, Carl (Mac) McMurray preaches. I know Mac. His preaching is relevant. It speaks to the needs of the people.

Our series this week, “Spiritual Leadership: Every Believer’s Commitment to Growth,” will address essentials for discipleship. Maturity. Growth. And Christian commitment. It will be relevant.

The question is not “Is the Bible relevant”? And hopefully there is no question with this preacher showing the relevance. But issue is when you and I read or hear God’s Word, will we make it real and relevant to our lives? Will we accept it? Embrace it? Apply it? Those are relevant questions for you and me as we attend worship today.

—Ken Weliever. The Preacherman

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