A Major Milestone: 1000 Posts


On January 1, 2012, I launched ThePreachersWord with my first post. Today, I’m writing my 1000th post.  It’s been an amazing journey.

As I reflect back over 3 ½ years ago, I was looking for a way to expand my ministry. Time and opportunity had come together in an unexpected and unique way for me to consider blogging as a means to share the Word.

We began with no “followers.” No readers. No archives. And no idea where this would lead. Today, according to WordPress, we have 3,275 “followers.”

These 1000 posts consist of 142 topics categorized for easy reference. WordPress has a great search engine where you can find a post on a topic just by typing in a key word. Also with category section, posts on specific topics are easily accessed.

ThePreachersWord has been read in over 190 countries and territories around the world. Our posts have been copied for bulletin articles. Short talks. Lord’s supper devotions. And reblogged by fellow bloggers.

I realize that ThePreachersWord is but a speck in the blogosphere. According to one source, there are over 152 million blogs on the internet. However, we rejoice in whatever positive influence that we can exert.

Our posts are guided by a Biblical world view. So, whatever the topic, we see things and write from a perspective that there is a God. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And the Bible is His final and divine revelation to the human race.

Over the course of 1000 posts I am reminded of several important lessons that have brought us thus far. Lessons that can apply to all of us in life.

(1) Nothing worthwhile is achieved without a Commitment.  Paul J. Meyer was right, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” This is true in writing a blog. In a relationship. In your spiritual life. In your marriage.

(2) Setting a goal is necessary. As in all of life, we operate better in the context of pursuing some goal. Goals excite us. Energize us. And encourage us. They move us forward. Give us direction. And provide a means of measurement. We began with a goal to post something every day. We’ve since modified that to five days a week. A couple of times a year we take a short break. But, I learned I need a goal to keep on blogging!

(3) Daily discipleship is a key ingredient to success in any endeavor. How do you write 1000 posts? One day at a time! Success in any venture is rooted in our daily decisions. Our daily disciplines. Our daily practices.

You read a book one page at time. You quit smoking one day at a time. You lose weight one pound at a time. You save for retirement one dollar at a time. Very little that is worthwhile comes all at once.

(4) Self-Discipline is demanded to keep on going. Self discipline gets us out of bed in the morning. Prods punctuality. Practices self-denial. Welcomes responsibility. Accepts criticism. Breaks bad habits. And shapes character.

Writing involves certain daily discipline, or it just doesn’t get done. But isn’t that true of most everything that’s worthwhile in life?

(5) And I am humbly reminded daily that I make mistakes! I do proof my posts. But I’m not very good at it. Obviously! My wife, Norma Jean, often proofs them, but even she occasionally misses something. Most mistakes are minor. But I have left out a “not” that totally changes the meaning of a thought. I appreciate my readers letting me know of mistakes, so I can change them.

Thank you, my loyal and faithful readers, for your encouragement. For sharing my posts. And for kind words of commendation. I appreciate it. For whatever good is accomplished through ThePreachersWord we give God the glory.

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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16 responses to “A Major Milestone: 1000 Posts

  1. Jack Papesch

    Congratulations Ken !  I have been reading your posts and find  them inspirational and enjoyable .. Thanks  , Jack Papesch   Jack Papesch

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  2. James McJunkins

    Thank you for your commitment. There is no way to gauge the good done other than knowing many read what you have to say. I post the PreachersWord on Facebook daily. It is used in our church paper and for invitations at the Saratoga Church of Christ in Saratoga, Arkansas.

  3. Enjoy your good thoughts! Thanks for your work!

  4. John Grant

    You have a wonderful ministry that ministers to so many people, including me. May God continue to bless you work.

  5. julie davidson

    Bro. Ken: CONGRATULATIONS on your 1000th blog entry, today! May God continue to work through you, in sharing this each day…I’ve really enjoyed reading it, & often passing what you write along to brothers & sisters in Christ! 🙂 In His love, Julie

  6. Charlotte Lair

    Thanks for such a good blog!

  7. Billy Akin

    Ken ,a quick THANK YOU again for the blogs. Congratulations on the milestone. Shirley and I enjoy and appreciate each one, and share them from time to time. Keep up your good work. Best to you and Norma. Billy Akin, Hendersonville, TN

  8. Sharon Wimberly

    Thank you for your commitment to sharing God’s word to so many. I’ve especially appreciated the timely articles dealing with the world as it’s portrayed in the news. May God bless you in this endeavor.

  9. Larry

    Thanks and Congrats. Enjoy reading and sharing the message. Great job Ken. Praise God for the increase.

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