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Thinking About My Dad

Today, Norma Jean and I are in Wellandport, Ontario, Canada, where I am preaching in a meeting. But on this Father’s Day, I remember and pay tribute to my Dad who passed away 20 years ago. Here’s a piece that I wrote two years ago. I hope it  speaks to you in some small way on this day in which we need more men like Dad.


Sunday is Father’s Day and I’m preaching a lesson about “How to Be A Great Dad.” But let’s be honest. Father’s day is just not as big a deal as Mother’s Day! Restaurants are not as crowded. Phone circuits are not jammed. Hallmark’s business is not as great as on Mother’s Day. And even church attendance doesn’t compare to Mother’s Day!

But that’s understandable, because typically fathers are not as sentimental as mothers. However, let me share a bit of sentiment as I think about my Dad who passed away 18 years ago and pay tribute to dads.”

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