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IT’S FRIDAY. BUT SUNDAY’S COMING! The Victorious Servant

I frequently eat at a Wendy’s close to my office.  I like their burger better than other chains. Plus they give me free drinks!  I’m often reminded of their founder, the late Dave Thomas.  Remember his commercials?  He was affable. Humble.  And just down-to-earth.

Once Thomas was asked what made him so successful?  His answer?  “My MBA!”  But he didn’t mean a Continue reading


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A Song of Help, Hope and Mercy

I remember as boy singing, “Here I raise my Ebenezer; hither by Thy help I’ve come… ” I may have been singing with  “the spirit”, but probably not “the understanding”!  These words come from the old hymn “O thou Fount of Every Blessing.”  It’s in most our song books.  But do you know the meaning of “Ebenezer”?  Or the song’s background? Continue reading


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My Musings About Trees and Leaves

When we were looking for a home in the Kansas City area last Spring, one of the things we wanted was trees on our property.  We told the Realtor, “Don’t even show us anything that doesn’t have trees.”  And we were blessed to find a home that we liked in Lee’s Summit that has trees.  Lots of trees.

The other day I was mowing  the yard and ranking leaves.   Norma Jean came out and commented about the amount of leaves as she surveyed my freshly mowed yard being sprinkling with more falling leaves.   I chuckled, looked at her and said, “Well, if you’re gonna have trees, you’ve gotta rake leaves.”  Pretty profound, eh? Continue reading


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“King David:” The Downfall of a Hero

He was called “King David” by the troops.  He had position. Power. Prestige.  He was hailed as a hero.  Loved by his countrymen.  Feared by His enemies.  And jeered by his critics.  His life had been a series of successes from his youth.  And now the revelation of an illicit relationship has brought him to the lowest point in his life.

No, I’m not talking about King David in the Bible, but General David Petraeus. Continue reading


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Thank God For Veterans

Yesterday was veterans day.  It is day to honor those who have served in our military.  Both living and dead. To thank them for their service. To celebrate their contribution. To remember their sacrifice.  Continue reading


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People are impressed with power.  Military might. Political position.  Economic Status.  Physical strength. And some people are obsessed with power. They will do anything to get it.  And everything to hold on to it.   And are in denial when they are unable to demonstrate it. Continue reading


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POST ELECTION THOUGHTS: It’s Not About Red States or Blue States

(We are continuing to reblog the top posts of 2012 during the holiday break.  This one ranked #4.  As someone who is growing weary of the constant political bickering, the challenge issued here is a good reminder.  Share this post with your friends)

Tuesday night I was excited to watch the election returns.  I tuned-in early to hear the optimistic predictions.  I was feeling confident that real change was coming. Perhaps I’ve been in denial.  Drinking the “kool aid” that has been in abundant supply. In my stricken state of mind I even filled out a prediction map calling for a big upset victory!  Even when things were not looking so good, I was convinced the Karl Rove was right! All would end well. Continue reading


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When a Hug is More than Just a Hug

The other morning as I was leaving for the office my wife, Norma Jean, said, “I need a hug.”  Now mind you I had already given her the six second kiss!  I said, “Sure.”  Then she said, “I require 8 hugs a day.”   “Oh?”  She had read that in a paper from St. Luke’s hospital, “For the Heart.” Continue reading


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One Person Can Make a Difference

This morning Norma Jean and I are going to vote for the first time in Missouri.  While we’re not in a swing state in the Presidential race, we believe it’s important to exercise our constitutional right and privilege as American citizens.

But Ohio…well, that’s another story!  Everything goes through Ohio.  It has for a long time.  Let me share a story that goes back a few years. Continue reading


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The Most Important Election in History

Tomorrow we vote.  Our nation elects a new President.  If the polls are accurate, the race is too close to call.  One poll favors Obama.  Another Romney.  And one says they are even.  Because of their differing views this election looms as one that will  dramatically impact the direction and future of our country. Thinking about “the election” demands a few important thoughts from ThePreachersWord.  Here’s my view. Continue reading


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