POST ELECTION THOUGHTS: It’s Not About Red States or Blue States

(We are continuing to reblog the top posts of 2012 during the holiday break.  This one ranked #4.  As someone who is growing weary of the constant political bickering, the challenge issued here is a good reminder.  Share this post with your friends)

Tuesday night I was excited to watch the election returns.  I tuned-in early to hear the optimistic predictions.  I was feeling confident that real change was coming. Perhaps I’ve been in denial.  Drinking the “kool aid” that has been in abundant supply. In my stricken state of mind I even filled out a prediction map calling for a big upset victory!  Even when things were not looking so good, I was convinced the Karl Rove was right! All would end well.

When Ohio was finally called, I said, to no one in particular, “That’s it.  It’s over.  I’m going to bed.”  And before I could turn off the TV the Election Alert flashed “Obama Wins Reelection”

I must admit the results left me feeling a bit somber.  Reflective.  Pensive.  Ok, I guess a little depressed.  Wednesday morning I read encouraging comments from friends on facebook.  Of course, I know they’re right.  God’s still in control.  He’s King. Ruler. And Almighty.   My responsibilities as a Kingdom citizen haven’t changed.

But I think my melancholic state is not about who won.  Or what political party won. But rather what won?  And what lost?  It’s sad to see the continued moral and spiritual decline and decay of our country.  We live today in two Americas. One is secular.  The other spiritual. Florida College Bible Professor, Doy Moyer, expressed it this way on a facebook post:

It is clear that America is not united. And it isn’t the political division per se that is the real problem; it’s the moral division. There is no moral consensus because there is no moral standard. For decades our nation has drunk deeply from the well of subjectivism, humanism, and moral relativism. And now we are proudly bloated on our own lack of values. But it’s not just America. It’s the world.”

Also columnist Cal Thomas in his morning commentary expressed my feelings when he asked, “What is the message from Tuesday’s election results?”  His answer:

“Americans seem unconcerned with the $16 Trillion debt, the effects of nationalized health care on businesses and individuals, the continued operation of abortion mills and same-sex marriage which won in liberal Maine and Maryland.”  He went on the observe, “We are witnessing the unraveling of our culture.  The Greatest Generation is no more.  The values by which they mostly lived have been replaced by envy, greed and entitlement, the unholy trinity of narcissism.”

And then this dire and ominous warning, “Perhaps never has the verse from Romans, “and God gave them over” seemed more relevant than today.  We’re being given over to our lower nature…keep one thing in mind.  Nothing happens outside the will or knowledge of God.  The Prophets and Jesus predicated what would happen when we forget God.  We have replaced Him with government and God is giving us over.”

You see this is not about red states or blue states.   It’s about the black state of America. The state of Moral darkness.  Where the “god of this age” has blinded people’s eyes to Truth.(2 Cor 4:4-5) The state of “no absolutes,” “no God,” and “everything’s relative.”

And so what are we who are Christians to do?

We must arise from spiritual stupor and walk in the day as children of Light!  We must not allow the darkness to engulf us.  And it will, if we are not on guard.  If we become apathetic. Or if we just give up and quit in despair.  Darkness will attack our attitudes. Our actions. Our emotions.

Our challenge?  To be true to our divine calling.  Peter proclaimed:“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”  (1 Pet 2:9)

We are His chosen people.  We are a royal Priesthood.  We are a holy nation. We are God’s special people.  And so we must each shine our little light in this dark world of sin.  Declaring His marvelous message.  Showing his loving kindness.  Following His virtuous footsteps. So, beam that light, my friend!  Hold it high!  Shine it bright!

–Ken Weliever, The Preacherman


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28 responses to “POST ELECTION THOUGHTS: It’s Not About Red States or Blue States

  1. steve segrest

    Where is Doy Moyer on Facebook? I can not find him.

  2. ann white

    ken, i posted your comments on fb. thanks for these words. i was pretty much like you. i was thinking we might have a change in progress. steve is our neighbor.

  3. I’m saddend that you have even mention as yet this country was ever in truth or that it is now in a state of moral decay. All polititians are working for the god of this world when they think they can be king or president and not submit themselves as a Christian to the only true king. As Jesus said give Ceasar what is Ceasar’s. My heart is hurt that those who claim Christ as there king don’t take the call and election serious and proclaim this world is not my home. And if you wonder no I don’t vote but I also don’t complain or get disappointed if one of the adversaries puppets is the main character on his stage. My only citizenship is in heaven.

    • Clinnon, thanks for reading my blog and for taking the time to comment. I always appreciate it.    Ps 33:12 says “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”   And Prov 14:34 proclaims, “Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people. There was a time in our country when people accepted the moral principles of the Bible. Having babies out of wedlock was wrong. Abortion was wrong. Homosexuality was a sin. Even divorce and leaving your mate for someone one else was looked down on in society in general. Pornography was something shown in back allies on the bad side of town.   That day as passed. And to that extent our country is in darkness. Moral darkness. I think it’s a sad day when the leader of our country says his views have evolved to believe that “same sex marriage is ok.” When the Bible calls it perverted.   So, to your point. At one time our country, our laws and our leaders embraced the Bible truth on these issues. Now they don’t. That’s what saddens me!   As for my citizenship. It is in heaven. That’s my #1 priority, which was really the point the post! Regardless of what happens in the country my allegiance is to the Lord. But it’s not my only citizenship. Just like Paul was a Roman citizen and even used it to his and the gospel’s advantage, I am a citizen of the USA.   I respect your right not to vote. Or even to vote for someone that I oppose. I agree that more serious than who is elected is our election, about which I wrote on Monday.   Again, thanks for commenting. I hope this clarifies this post.  But I think you misread the post and/or missed the point. I never said the politicians had the truth or tried to equate America with truth. But groups of people or nations can stand for Truth. God’s truth. And exalt His ways of righteousness through Biblical principles and precepts. Through laws. Through the morals accepted by its people Ken Weliever 400 NW Highcliffe Dr Lee’s Summit, MO 64081 Home Phone: 816-600-5001 Cell Phone: 813-507-1726 Church Office: 816-761-2659 web site: blog: Church web site:


  4. maryann atkins

    Thank you

  5. Ken , this is dead on brother. We have a lot of work to do!

  6. Ken:

    I, too, was disappointed, but not surprised, at the election outcome. I told one of our elders at breakfast Monday morning that I was afraid Obama would be relected and he emphatically disagreed. I wish I had been wrong, but I pointed out then that the American people returned Clinton to office in 1996 (he was a known womanizer and adulterer) and probably would have reelected him in 2000 despite the Lewinski scandal that broke in 1998. Today Mr. Clinton is a revered “statesman” who commands $100,000 everytime he is invited to give a speech. So much for the public demand for “character” in its leaders and spokespersons.

    The nation, as a whole, has given in to an entitlement mentality and a general lack of biblical morality which defines deviant behavior as “the new normal.”

    Obama spoke to the interests of the majority, telling them what they wanted to hear. Romney spoke to us all, telling us what we needed to hear. That message, unfortunately, did not resonate with enough of the population; so, we will have to live with the consequences of this decision… all of us. I only hope the Republican majority in the House and near majority in the Senate can truly effect a bi-partisan governance that will not further damage this nation in the next four years.

    We can take comfort that, as you pointed out, God is in control. Let’s just hope we don’t reach the limit of His patience and tolerance as did Sodom, Babylon, and other godless nations.

  7. Linda Baughn

    Excellent comments.

  8. Billie


  9. mike fletcher

    Thanks brother Ken for a fine article once again. I too was shocked and it took me until way after lunch on Wed. to relize I was not in a dream. I stopped in on one of my customers and he was feeling the same way and that is when I shared with him that there is a higher calling and one more higher than any leader and that being our God. God is for sure sending us a message and I fear for our children and grandchildren, especially with oboma care, which has already cost me 2000.00 a yr. out of my pay and don’t forget the gas tripleling. I used your message from Monday as I said I would on Wed. for the evening talk and yes we MUST choose the election of Jesus Christ and continue to pray for this nation and especially pray for mr. oboma and standup for the word of God. Thanks again.

  10. Ruth Long Conger

    I agree with your article. One of my favorite scriptures Romans 8:28, 29 tells me that principalities, nor powers shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Jesus Christ our Lord.

  11. Dan Jordan

    Thanks for your thoughts. It is true that the moral compass of our country is changing. We have had dedicated Christians serve in public office and I hope more will step up and run for office. We need leaders we can respect, such as Dwight Eisenhour, Ronald Reagan, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan. We have got to do a better job of sharing the message of Jesus Christ. Maybe this is what God is calling us to do.

  12. Joan Black

    Ken, I do not know ‘clinnon’ but what I think he/she is trying to say is that Christians need to be really careful right now. Many have responded in hateful ways, especially on FB and now is our time to shine in the world by being good sports and NOT by pushing the secular world even farther and farther away. I know you do not feel like either party is God’s party, but there are some Christians who have sadly given this impression. The thing is there is morality on both sides of the isle. Mitt Romney has a past of supporting Gambling and even owning gambling machines. When Christians just focus on Gay Marriage and abortion, (which I agree are major issues) and not on all of the immoral issues being addressed, they come across to the secular world as narrow-minded and hateful. I am not saying we should ever adjust our beliefs as Christians. However, we need to be kind hearted in our approach. Also, I have Christian friends who voted democrat because they feel that helping the poor is as big of a moral issue as stopping Gays from getting married. A lot of Christians are honored to help the poor like Prov. 4:31 says. “Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him.” I am leaving you with a very good sermon I heard prior to the election. I strongly encourage you to take time to listen to this. For now, all we can do is pray for our leaders and pray for our country!


  13. Faloria Jones


    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Faloria.   Yes, you are right that the moral direction of our country have been going down hill for the past 40-50 years. However, in the post I didn’t blame President Obama on the issue same-sex marriage or abortion.  Although, he is the first President to openly support homosexual marriage.   But the point of my post, with which you agree, is that God is in control.  So regardless of who we may perfer politically, or what party we belong to, the church is not about red and blue states.  It is about our unity in the LORD.  May that we our main focus.

      Ken Weliever 400 NW Highcliffe Dr Lee’s Summit, MO 64081 Home Phone: 816-600-5001 Cell Phone: 813-507-1726 Church Office: 816-761-2659 web site: blog: Church web site:


  14. Faloria Jones

    DAN JORDAN, if you say Romney, Ronald Regan , Ryan and the other men you mention, are christians, then you don’t know the definition of a christian. Because you are a republicant, don’t make you a christian.

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